USS Discovery

From Bravo Fleet

"Sometimes the universe allows for the making of unexpected memories."
    —Philippa Georgiou - Ship's Dedication Quote

The USS Discovery (NCC-92422) is an Odyssey-class Federation starship and the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 17 flagship since 2401. One of the newest of her class and one of the few constructed in the 25th century, she was launched from Avalon Fleet Yards and named in honour of her predecessor, a Century-class starship lost in the Delta Quadrant during the Blood Dilithium crisis.

Operating primarily out of the task force's headquarters at Deep Space 17 in the Typhon Frontier, Discovery provides deep space support to Starfleet ships on exploratory missions ranging far from the Federation border.

In Play

  • As the flagship for Task Force 17, Discovery is often available to provide logistical support to ships on deep space operations. She can offer smaller vessels resupplies, repairs, medical aid, or can conveniently take samples, guests, or other plot curiosities off the hands of a crew so they can get back to deep space.