USS Cupertino

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USS Cupertino is an California-class starship assigned to Fourth Fleet. She is currently under the command of Captain Saffiya Nassar. The ship participates in a trial aimed to increase efficiency and collaboration within the ship, which is achieved by staffing the vessel with multi-skilled officers and maintaining shared quarters up until the rank of Lieutenant Commander.


Under command of Captain Kahi Jurev, the Cupertino was involved in several successful missions, most notably an encounter with B.L.A.D.E - Battlefield Logistics and Advanced Defense Engine - that had corrupted several civilian vessels in an attempt to bolster the defence forces of Rij'ka IV, a small colony in an ongoing conflict with pirating ships that interrupted their trade routes.


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Atypically for a ship like the USS Cupertino, the ship has fewer personal quarters, making it quite common for officers even at rank of Lieutenant to share quarters with one other person. Instead, it boats a recreational area with different sections, allowing for sports, greenery and relaxation outside the holodeck.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officer

Captain Saffiya Nassar was in Cairo in 2362, and started her Starfleet Career as Engineering Officer. Leadership doesn't always come easy to her, and she tries her best to navigate the challenge of her new assignment aboard her very first own vessel.

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