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For information on joining the USS Colimbia sandbox, consult the USS Columbia Guide.

"Audentes fortuna juvat - Fortune favors the bold."
    —Vergil- Ship's Dedication Quote

USS Columbia (NCC-76991) is a Galaxy-class explorer assigned to the Fourth Fleet. The Columbia has had a long, illustrious career serving Starfleet and is deemed one of the finest postings to be assigned.

Design and Layout

As one of the original six Galaxy-class ships that Starfleet ordered to be built, the Columbia retains some of its original appearance. Being one of Starfleet’s premier explorers, the Columbia has done well after almost three decades of service to keep up with the other newer explorers.

Shipboard Life

Shift Duty

The Columbia runs on a four-shift rotation across a twenty-four-hour day. Alpha Shift ran from 0800 hours to 1400 hrs. Beta Shift ran from 1400hrs to 2000hrs. Gamma Shift starts at 2000 to 0100 hours, while Delta Shift commences at 0100 hours and finishes at 0800 hours.

Shift Duty In Play
  • It is improbable that your character would be on the Alpha Shift (this is the one most of the senior staff operate).
  • While on duty (be it Beta, Gamma or Delta), your shift supervisor may be one of the Senior Staff or another higher-ranking officer.

Bridge, Deck One

USS Columbia's bridge in 2400
Through the years, the Columbia has received significant improvements through refits and maintenance; one area that has changed is its bridge. All stations are equipped with holographic interface technology to assist the crewmembers operating them if needed.

In the centre of the bridge is the command pit, where the chair for the captain, first officer and another senior officer are located. The command pit is surrounded by a long wooden handrail that houses the security and tactical stations. The operations and helm consoles are right before the command pit. From starboard to port along the aft bulkhead, include the consoles for Mission Ops I, the MSD and Mission Ops II. The science stations are located on the starboard side of the bridge, while the opposite side is designated for communications and engineering.

The aft alcove to the port side of the bridge includes two doors. One is used for turbolift access, while the other is access to bathroom facilities. In the aft alcove to the starboard side is a door leading down the corridor towards the observation lounge and another for the second turbolift. In the forward starboard alcove, one entry gives access to the emergency turbolift to the battle bridge, while on the opposite side, it gives access to the captain’s ready room.

The Bridge In Play
  • The bridge will be a place only when an ensign needs to cover a station as part of the Beta, Delta and Gamma Shifts.

Observation Lounge, Deck One

Observation Lounge in 2400
The observation lounge is situated at the back of the main bridge and is typically utilised as a conference room. Its noteworthy feature is the sizable windows that face aft, providing a breathtaking view of the Columbia from behind. Along the main wall are glass cabinets showcasing models of previous starships named Columbia made of gold. The middle of the bulkhead is where the computer terminals are located, which present data and information during briefings. The conference table, with seating for ten people, is the room's focal point. There are two doors at either end of the room and replicators.
The Observation Lounge In Play
  • As an ensign, you would not be invited to a senior staff briefing; however, your department head may call you and others in your division to join them for a briefing (be it for a mission or a regular update).
  • You may also receive orders to help clean the Observation Lounge.

The Ready Room, Deck One

The Captain's Ready Room
The Captain’s Ready Room is where the commanding officer works in private or holds meetings with a few crew members. They keep a few personal items here, but it can also be used by other senior officers in charge of the bridge in his absence.
The Ready Room In Play
  • This is the captain’s sanctum, so unless you are being spoken to directly by them (or another senior staff member), you will unlikely step foot in here.

Main Engineering, Deck Thirty-Six

Main Engineering, c.2400
Main Engineering is the heart of the ship. This is where most of the systems are maintained and is the home to the warp core. Most command functions are accessed in the centre of Engineering via the ‘pool table’. Holographic projectors are used in this room to show the status of a variety of the ship’s systems.
Main Engineering In Play
  • If you are an engineer, then this is where you may work for most of your shift. If the Chief Engineer is off duty, then one of the shift supervisors will be in charge.
  • While on duty in Main Engineering, you may be required to oversee or repair a system's diagnostic.

Transporter Rooms

The standard layout of all transporter rooms

One of the main forms of transport to and from the ship. The transporter rooms are usually where an away mission starts. Here away, teams will find equipment lockers outfitted with the latest devices, tools and resources needed to complete their objectives. The Columbia has at least twenty transporter rooms.

The Transporter Room In Play
  • Ensigns going on away missions will meet here and be beamed down by whoever is on duty in the transporter room.
  • If you are an engineer, you may have a shift in one of the transporter rooms. What transporter disasters may you witness?

Sickbay, Deck 12

Sickbay, c.2400

Columbia’s medical facilities are vast. Though the sickbay is large, this does not include the numerous wards and labs available to the ship’s doctors. The vessel has a suite of EMHs that can be used across the ship at any time during a crisis.

Sickbay In Play
  • Ensigns working in the medical department, whether an assistant, nurse, or doctor-in-training, will find themselves here when on duty. Characters will encounter illnesses and injuries and participate in many treatment procedures. You may find yourself with patients who come back more than once.
  • As the ship has several EMHs (not Mark Is), what type of personalities might you encounter as one of the medical staff?

Ten Forward, Deck 10

Ten Forward, c.2400
Ten Forward is the main area for socialising with other crewmembers. This is where most of the crew relax and unwind off duty. Ten Forward is operated by a Lanthanite woman named Marlagretta. She is always mixing new drinks for anyone to try and is happy to give anyone some wisdom.
Ten Forward In Play
  • Crewmembers can interact with others here over a drink or something to eat.
  • Ten Forward normally hosts a weekly social event, be it a musical performance, a themed evening or where a diplomatic event may take place.
  • Marlagretta is the Guinan of the Columbia.

Lower Decks Social Space

The Lower Decks Bar
Though Ten Forward is open to all staff, there is a large social space and bar primarily set aside for the lower deck crewmembers of the ship. This space acts as the primary cantina for the lower-ranked crew and a social area with a bar.
Lower Decks Social Space In Play
  • Within here, players will find multiple replicators and a bar manned by a bartender who serves beverages from across the Federation and beyond.
  • Based on the bar and social space seen in Lower Decks, the crew will often relax and enjoy company with their friends.
  • Though primarily visited by ensigns and other low-level crew, it is common for more senior crew members to sometimes be present.

Arboretum, Hydroponics and Labs

The Arboretum
Primarily used by the crew for relaxation and as an escape from the endless corridors of the ship, it is where people often feel like they can forget they are on board a Starship. The arboretum contains trees and plants from multiple planets access the federation along with a set of pathways that meander between them and the small streams and ponds.

The main arboretum is three decks high to allow for the growth of large trees. The lower deck provides entrance to the main level and walking pathways while the second level provides access to the Terrace which encircles the arboretum. The three floor, at which is at canopy level, has a small lounge with comfortable chairs and sofas and café facilities for crew and passengers to relax. There is a small staircase within the arboretum that connects each level. The head arborist oversees these facilities.

Associated with the arboretum is a large hydroponics complex which produces a significant amount of fruit and vegetables from all over the Federation that is used onboard the ship to give a slight taste of home.

The ship's primary botany labs are located next to these facilities used to study alien plant life.

Arboretum and Hydroponics In Play
  • Rarely ever empty as crew, passengers and civilians alike often wander along its pathways.

Cetacean Ops - Deck 13 and 14

The primary cetacean ops facilities and cetacean lifeboats are located on deck 13, with the primary navigation labs linked to them extending to deck 14. These facilities and associated crew are responsible for the ship's navigation. The facility contains a large aquarium spanning the two decks. The main aquariums are linked by large connecting tunnels, which provide access to critical systems. Lessons were learned in the 2380' following the incident with the Cerritos which meant all access panels within Cetacean ops are accessible by the cetaceans.

Several Bottlenose dolphins and Beluga whales operate the facility.

Cetacean Ops In Play
  • Few facilities are above the water to allow non-aquatic crew access to key systems.
  • The facility contains several drive suits and rebreathers to allow non-aquatic crew access to the submerged tunnels and passways.
  • You may also receive orders to help clean Cetacean Ops; hands are helpful.

Security Office and Brig


Located on deck 21, the security office contains the office of the Chief of Security and is a station to allow the ship's security personnel to monitor internal sensors. Linked to the facility is the ship's brig, which has six separate cells, as well as the vessel’s main armoury

Upon entry, visitors will encounter the main security desk, manned around the clock, along with several other security personnel throughout the office.

Security Office and Brig In Play
  • As a security ensign, you will most likely be operating the security desk, which is the main point of contact for any security-related issues.
  • If visiting, you will not be able to gain access to anything beyond the front desk unless you have direct orders or are meeting someone.

Crew Quarters

Junior Officer's Quarters Layout 1
Junior Officer's Quarters Layout 2
Shared Junior Officer's Quarters Layout 3
Lower Deck Bunk Hallway

The ship’s living quarters come in various sizes for those with a higher rank above lieutenant commander (most of them are on the ship's edge). Those ranked Ensign have access to smaller standard-size quarters that rarely have a window. They come with a bed, a replicator, a bathroom, and a small living space. Some ensigns and other junior members share rooms too.

Alongside this, the Columbia has several bunkroom corridors for those junior officers new to the ship. During the Dominion War, these hallways were used to transport troops to and from the frontlines.

Quarters In Play
  • As an ensign who has served on the ship for some time, you may have your own small standard-size quarters, or you may have to share with another ensign.
  • The larger quarters with big windows and loads of living space are reserved solely for VIPs or other senior members of the crew. Unless you are supporting a VIP, an Ensign will not use them.
  • The Lower Deck style bunkroom hallways allow for closer interaction between characters, especially those who are brand new ensigns to the ship.

Gymnasium and Pool

The Columbia contains several gymnasiums and recreational facilities. One of the largest is located near the lower deck bunk halls and quarters. Officers and passengers are often found around the clock in these facilities blowing off steam and working to maintain their shape. The facility itself contains a large (mixed) changing room with lockers. From here officers and crew have access to the aquatic facilities, gymnasium, and sonic showers (think ST-LD S2E2).

The gym, off to the right of the changing room, contains a variety of workout machines, free-weights, several open training rooms and sparring rings. The idea is that officers and crew can have access to whatever they need to when on site. A large replicator can be used to create items that are not already present with the understanding that they be recycled once used. Several officers run classes such as yoga, boxing, etc on their own time here.

The pool, off to the left of the changing room, contains a large pool about 2 meters deep for lane swimming. Adjacent to this and connected directly to the gym is a set of jacuzzi tubes, ice baths and a large sauna. The on wall of the pool is covered with exterior windows giving swimmers a view space beyond.

Gymnasium and Pool In Play
  • These facilities offer players a chance to interact with others outside of the work setting as well as to give them a place for self reflection.


The Columbia was one of the six Galaxy-class spaceframes constructed but not fully assembled during the initial production run of the class, held in reserve for either a time of great need or to replace one of the original six production units. Columbia ended up doing both, as her completion and fitting out were ordered following the destruction of the USS Odyssey. By the time the Dominion War broke out, her core systems such as engines and weapons were ready, but she was launched without the vast majority of her labs and crew support systems. After serving as a battleship for the duration of the war, Columbia returned to dock in 2376 and was brought up to current exploratory standards.

As of 2400, Columbia has been refit twice and remains a preeminent Starfleet exploratory platform.

Current Crew

See USS Columbia Command Crew for more details.

Notable Crew

Former Commanding Officers