USS Calistoga

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USS Calistoga is a California-class utility cruiser assigned to Task Force 17 with the responsibility to support short-range medical needs and humanitarian efforts. It is currently under the command of Captain Eelkom Raiem.


The Calistoga was commissioned in 2371 and has seen its fair share of duty since which has garnered the vessel a reputation to be reliable and get the task at hand completed. Most of its existence has seen it complete cargo deliveries, crew and personnel transports and general work horse duties.

The Calistoga survived the Dominion War and many other events that have graced the Alpha and Beta quadrants since. In late 2398, the vessel was reassigned to Task Force 17 and in 2400 underwent a utility refit to become a medical variant of the class.

2401 has seen many new crew members arrive and many others be reassigned to other duties. A brand new commanding officer and executive officer have recently taken the chair to support the Calistoga's new mission profile.

Command History

As of 2400, the Calistoga has had one commanding officer.


In late 2400 the Calistoga underwent a major utility refit to meet the needs of its changed mission profile. Many of her facilities saw basic upgrades but the medical facilities on board we heavily refitted to meets the needs of being a short-range medical and humanitarian response vessel. She refit was completed in early 2401.

Commission image of USS Calistoga created by Pundus and paid for by Annex
Commission image of USS Calistoga created by Pundus and paid for by Annex