USS Avenger

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The USS Avenger is a Defiant-class escort currently assigned to patrol duties along the Romulan Border. It has been under the command of Paul Gordon since 2399.

Ship's History

While the Avenger was launched relatively late during the Dominion War, she was still able to participate in several important battles as part of the Fourth Fleet in the final months of the conflict. With all of the lessons learned in the service history of the class leader, Defiant, Avenger was a sister ship to São Paulo and was significantly more advanced than the original, though not particularly more comfortable for her crew.

Following the war, the Avenger was assigned to Commander Aubrey Seagraves and posted to peace-keeping operations along the Cardassian border in support of the Federation's mercy missions to help them rebuild following the long and devastating contact. During this time, her main role was to interdict raiders and smugglers taking advantage of the chaos. She served in this capacity until the 2380s until she was reassigned to Starfleet Academy as an elite training ship, given the lack of need for purpose-built warships in the relative peace of the Alpha Quadrant at the time.

Following the destruction of Romulus, however, the Avenger was put back into frontline service and has operated along the former Romulan Neutral Zone since 2387. Paul Gordon took command in 2399, the vessel's sixth commanding officer in 23 years of service.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers