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The USS Auckland is a Parliament-class utility cruiser assigned to Fourth Fleet. Her engineering specialization often has her on the front lines of colony establishments, infrastructure builds, space construction and second-contact diplomatic functions.


As of 2401, the Auckland has been assigned to support the peoples of the Proteus System in what was once territory of the Romulan Star Empire as they battle an outbreak of Terrellian Plague amongst the mining colony.

The Lost Fleet

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With the imminent return of the lost Dominion Fleet, The USS Auckland was assigned to the Yadev II supply depot to refit and reactivate mothballed ships to mount a defence of the system. With only three day's notice, the crew were able to successfully reactivate a number of these decades-old vessels and successfully mount a defence against an inbound Dominion squadron.


The Auckland is a Parliament-class utility cruiser in the standard configuration for the 2400's. Her primary functions related to engineering and engineering support often utilise her suite of scientific and research and development labs. While her armaments may be light, her class-eight warp drive, overpowered impulse engines and enhanced shielding allow her to outrun most threats not easily defended against.

To ensure she is able to provide adequate support to the projects she is assigned to, the Auckland makes the most of the available space in the nacelle pylons and engineering hull by utilising residential hallways to house the numerous crew required to operate the ship and the many specialists and researchers routinely assigned to her in support functions. Despite her specialist nature, the Auckland is well appointed with various recreation facilities comparable to larger vessels including a number of holodecks and lounge facilities.

Auxiliary Craft

Her large shuttlebay comfortably holds 16 shuttles and utility vessels. Ensuring no matter the assignment whether it be personnel transport, cargo drops or construction, the Auckland is well equipped no matter the deployment.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers