USS Ares

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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

USS Ares



Intrepid Class

Assigned TF:

Task Force 47


Explorer/Light Cruiser



  • Captain Morkan (2383-2387)
  • Captain Maxwell Flint (2387)

The Ares NCC-81264 was a Intrepid Class vessel assigned to Task Force 47. The Ares has been tasked with the duty to uphold the laws of the Federation and the standard of Starfleet Command to explore new worlds, make contact with new civilizations and go where no man has gone before.



Construction of the USS Ares begin in 2381 under the oversight of the Starfleet Core of Engineers at Utopia Planitia Fleet yards in 2382 oversight of the project was handed over to Captain Morkan. Captain Morkan was meticulous in overseeing the final stages of construction, this included many reviews of the ship and its systems. Construction was completed in 2383 and just prior to the launch of the Ares the ship was placed under the command of Captain Morkan.

Active Duty

During the maiden voyage the USS Ares and her crew surveyed sixteen different star systems and in mid 2383 the Ares docked at the Xavier Fleet Yards for an overhaul During this time ninty percent of the crew was swapped out including most of the senior staff.

After departing the Xavier Fleet Yards the USS Ares was sent to the Zelpharic (pronounced; zel-fair-ick) Expanse, a region of space that would take two months for the ship to reach. This region of spaces is located within Romulan controlled space along the Romulan/Klingon boarder. The Zelpharic Expanse had become accessible to the Ares due to the strengthened relations between the Romulan Star Empire and the Federation. While in the Zelpharic Expanse the Ares located and engaged with a group of pirates that were operating within the Expanse. Following this engagement the Ares returned to Federation Space and docked with the Beta Antares Fleet Yards.

While docked at Beta Antares the Crew of the Ares revived orders from Vice Admiral Viran to report to Deep Space 13 in the Omega Antares Sector. While heading to DS 13 in the Ares was sidetracked for nearly a week in order to observe a Ratarian cruiser. During this side trip the crew of the Ares was able to gather information on the capabilities of the Ratarians as they observed the cruiser's attempt to transform a gas giant into a star. The Ares was successful in preventing the Ratarians in caring out this plan.

Upon arriving at Deeps Space 13 the information gathered by the Ares on their side trip was shared with Admiral Viran. Ares was then assigned to explore the Omega Antares Sector and to act in support of Starfleet's forces that were operating against the Ratarian Republic. At this time Captain Morkan was assigned as the next in command of the sector under Admiral Viran. In 2384 as part of the Ares mission to provide support to the other Federation forces the Ares undertook a mission Ratarian science outpost under the orders of Admiral Viran. This mission would end up being controversial and the fall out saw Admiral Viran replaced by Admiral Teylas Ramar as sector commander. Captain Morkan was removed from second in command of the sector and was replaced by Captain Amanda Toddman but was allowed to retain command of the Ares.

Mere weeks after Admiral Ramar took command of the Omega Antares Sector the Ares along with the Templar responded t a distress call from the S.S. Lydonia near the Ratarian border and were able to successfully retrieve the crew and cargo of the Lydonia. During theses operations a Ratarian arrived at the scene of the rescue and threatened the successful outcome. With the assistance of Admiral Ramar and two Romulan Warbirds the Ratarian cruiser was forced to back off.

Captain Morkan continued to serve as commanding officer of the Ares for another three years. In 2387 Ares had an encounter with a Borg Sphere and during this the ship suffered massive damage and heavy casualties causing the ship to limp into the Nesrun Shipyards. At this time Captain Morkan along with most of the Senior Staff were transferred to Deeps Space 12. Due to the damage the Ares suffered at the hands of the Borg the possibility of decommissioning the ship was considered.

Eventually the Ares was handed over the the Starfleet Core of Engineers who over saw the repairs and refit of the Ares. After Six Months the Ares was relaunched as a SCE Specialist ship under the command of Captain Flint and a new crew.