USS Achilles (NCC-28410)

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The USS Achilles (NCC-28410) was an Ambassador-class exploratory cruiser in service with Starfleet from 2343 until her decommissioning in 2370.


In the golden era of exploration, at a time when the Federation was advancing their borders and meeting many a new civilisation, one of Starfleet's newest ships was originally commanded by Captain Keziah Nazir. Achilles was one of Starfleet’s most advanced vessels and flew the flag for the United Federation of Planets on countless missions across the Alpha Quadrant following the noble sacrifice of Captain Rachel Garrett and the crew of the USS Enterprise-C at Narendra III. As tensions with the Klingon Empire thawed, the focus of diplomatic initiatives turned to the increasingly hostile Cardassian Union.

A diplomatic incident on the Cardassian border saw patrols amped up on both sides of the trenches. With some of the finest Cardassian warships arriving to represent the Union, Starfleet dispatched a four-ship task group to fly the Federation flag, led by Achilles, to ensure diplomatic envoys summoned to a summit on Setlik III arrived safely. As talks threatened to devolve, a last-ditch effort by the crew of the Achilles succeeded for a while, ensured a temporary and uneasy peace.[1]

Achilles served with distinction during the Cardassian Wars, until the truce in the 2360's. As with many of her stablemates, the Achilles had many more star hours and battle scars than most ships of comparable age, and so she was decommissioned in 2370 to make way for a newer vessel bearing the same name.

Namesake and Legacy

As of 2401, the fifth vessel to bear the name Achilles is currently in service, an Echelon-class light cruiser.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers

c. 2347: Captain Keziah Nazir