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USS Achilles is a Federation Echelon-class light cruiser assigned to the Fourth Fleet. Intended to complete a two-month shakedown cruise under the command of Captain Akintoye Okusanya following her launch in 2401, Achilles was pressed into service during the Lost Fleet crisis.


In Greek mythology, Achilles was the best of the Greek warriors at Troy ("aristos achaion") and his refusal to enter battle, his fued with his compatriots, and his rage at the death of his companion Patroklos are at the core of the Iliad. Achilles was characterized as much by his speed, skill, and bravery as he was by his hubris and egotism.[1] A rendering of Achilles and Patroklos forms the crest of the Achilles's seal.

On Earth, ten warships of the United Kingdom's Royal Navy and one of the Royal New Zealand Navy were named after Achilles.[2][3] Four previous Federation starships have borne the name Achilles:

  • USS AchillesSaladin-class frigate — NCC-551[4]
    • 2261—2280 (Upcycled into NCC-5510)
  • USS AchillesAkula-class frigate — NCC-5510
    • 2280—2340 (Retired)
  • USS AchillesAmbassador-class heavy cruiser — NCC-28410
    • 2343—2370 (Retired)
  • USS AchillesAkira-class heavy cruiser —NCC-77024
    • 2370—2399 (Retired)


Built at Avalon Fleet Yards, Achilles was launched in 2401 and placed under the command of Captain Akintoye Okusanya for a shakedown cruise, due to her engineering expertise and experience with Arcturus Squadron. Not long after her launch, Achilles experienced her baptism of fire at the Battle of Farpoint, where she participated alongside the other vessels of Arcturus Squadron.[5] Achilles left Arcturus Squadron in mid-2401.

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