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Delta Quadrant


Class M




20% Oxygen
79% Nitrogen
1% Other








None (Formerly 3.2 billion)



Rornea was a Class M planet and the only inhabitable one of four orbiting a binary star in the Gradin Belt of the Delta Quadrant. It is located approximately fifteen lightyears from the Barzan Wormhole.

The majority of the planet's population lived in the Northern hemisphere located in cities hundreds of thousands of square kilometers in size with massive transportation networks. The largest of which having a population slightly over one billion and housing the royal palace and house of parliament.


Historical records collected from the USS Atlantia show that Rornea was once the home of a thriving civilization on the verge of great technological discoveries. However, for the last fifty years the inhabitants were in the midst of an interstellar conflict with the Molketh who lived on a planet approximately ten lightyears from their world. The Molketh claimed territorial rights to the Rornean home world as it sat within the borders of their space, but the Rorneans insisted they were native to the planet.

This interstellar conflict forced the two species into an arms race, each one vying for tactical superiority to the point where the Molketh developed weapons that could travel undetected via subspace. These weapons were first made known to Starfleet in the early 2370's when the USS Voyager passed through Molketh space in an area labeled as 'Subspace Munitions Range 434'.

It was at this point where Rornean technological advancement changed to a more defensive stance as much of their planetary infrastructure began to collapse with each new bombardment. As the planet became more and more polluted from the failing infrastructure, the Rornean people began to experiment with newer cleaner alternatives in power and waste management. Most recently were Omega Molecules, of which they had discovered a small quantity. They learned that a single Omega molecule could power their cities almost indefinitely.

Unfortunately, the Rorneans were not able to stabilize the molecules during testing and a massive explosion vaporized all life on the planet, including it's 3.2 billion inhabitants.

It was this explosion that drew the crew of the Atlantia toward the planet under Starfleet's Omega Directive. In an attempt to neutralize the threat of Omega, Captain Treylana Hess was forced to launch a barrage of high yield gravimetric torpedoes at the planet causing a significant portion of the planet's surface to be blown away, making the planet no longer habitable.


Little is known about the established government on the planet due to incomplete or purposefully omitted records. What is known is that the Rornean people operated under a Parliamentary Democracy comprised of three major parties. The leading party, led by Prime Minister Melora Vasil, holding a majority government over the official opposition.

Affiliation Leader/Representative Control
Head of State HRH King Farzan III
The Rornean People's Party Prime Minister Melora Vasil 60%
Rornean Democratic Party Tezkiad Dohum 28%
Environmentalist Party of Rornea Niatna Damon 12%