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Deep Space 404, code-named Overwatch Station, is a Federation Jupiter-class research station located on the extreme spinward edge of Federation space coreward of the Romulan Free State and near the Talvath Cluster. Operating under the auspices of Starfleet Stellar Cartography, this station is the control facility for the Daren Subspace Radio Telescope Array, currently being built by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to study the Talvath Cluster. This all-Starfleet facility orbits New Java (Zeta Asteropes IIIA), an uninhabited O-class moon being considered for possible Cetacean colonization which, in turn, orbits Cyclops, a class-J gas giant with a circular eternal storm at the equator. The station’s presence, though well within Federation space, is a point of contention between the Federation and the Romulan Free State, as the Tal’Shiar believe the subspace telescope could easily be used to spy on Romulan worlds.


Overwatch Station

Overwatch Station itself is a standard two-stack Jupiter-class research station equipped with sufficient habitation space for the engineers constructing the Daren Array and for the scientists studying the Talvath Cluster and the oceans of New Java. It sits just inside New Java’s unusually powerful magnetic field, which shields it from the intense radiation generated by the gas giant. This position makes it impossible to approach the station from outside the system without raised shields and it was chosen specifically to hamper the ability of cloaked Romulan vessels to reach the station. The station itself is also equipped with powerful shields, but it is not armed. Overwatch Station was towed into position in segments and came online in early 2400.


Functions are highly localized within Overwatch Station, as each of the six saucers is dedicated to a particular function or department. Navigation within the station is accomplished through a simple letter-number scheme, with one stack consisting of saucers Alpha-1 through Alpha-3 and the other stack consisting of Beta-1 through Beta-3. The three interconnecting bridges are also numbered. Both stacks have a lower utility module above a combination reactor and fuel spire, Alpha-4 and Beta-4. Engineering control is centralized on interconnecting Bridge 2, with two small modules connected to the station's prominent energy collection and communication arrays.

Overwatch Station Saucer Functions
Stack Alpha Stack Beta
A1: General Operations
  • Station Operations
  • Security
  • Senior Officers' Quarters
  • Main Infirmary
B1: Telescope Operations
  • Telescope Array Control Center
  • Space Sciences Division
  • Senior Scientists' Quarters
A2: Habitat
  • Crew Quarters
  • New Java Lounge
  • Cyclops Bar & Grill
  • Arboretum
B2: Habitat
  • Crew Quarters
  • The Subspace Bistro
  • Ocean View Lounge
  • Arboretum
A3: Planetary Studies
  • Planetary Sciences Division
  • Cetacean Operations
B3: General Science
  • General Science Labs
  • Cargo Bays

Daren Subspace Radio Telescope Array

The seal for the Daren Subspace Telescope Array project.
The seal for the Daren Subspace Telescope Array project.

Construction on the Daren Subspace Radio Telescope Array (“the Daren Array”) began in 2400 and is projected to last through 2405. It is intended to collect information about the Talvath Cluster. The array is approximately 20% complete and is already beginning to collect data. Similar to the Argus Array in basic function, the Daren Array takes advantage of unique subspace properties in the Zeta Asteropes system to enhance its total overall resolution. The array is in polar stationary orbit “above” Cyclops and maintains its control linkage to Overwatch Station through a network of small satellites which keep themselves in position for line-of-sight transmissions between the two structures. The station is fully automated.

Leisure Facilities

New Java Lounge

New Java Lounge

Cyclops Bar & Grill

Cyclops Bar & Grill

The Subspace Bristo

The Subspace Bistro

Ocean View Lounge

Ocean View Lounge

Zeta Asteropes System

The Zeta Asteropes system consists of a G-type yellow star and three planets. Zeta Asteropes I and II are molten terrestrial worlds orbiting at .1 and .2 AUs respectively. Zeta Asteropes III, nicknamed Cyclops, is a large class-J gas giant with several dozen moons. The largest of these moons, Zeta Asteropes IIIA, is nicknamed New Java and is an uninhabited but life-sustaining class-O ocean world. Starfleet and the Federation are evaluating this world’s potential for colonization by Cetaceans and other aquatic species, as it is less than 1% land by area. Overwatch regularly sends away teams to the planet to collect samples and an entire saucer of the station is devoted to studying the moon.

Support Craft

The Oceanus Procellarum on an away mission to a frozen moon orbiting Cyclops further away than New Java.

Overwatch Station has a complement of six New Atlantic-class runabouts assigned to the station on a permanent basis. All six of these craft are named for lunar maria (a.k.a lunar seas) from Earth's moon. They are the station's primary line of defense and enhance its scientific capabilities. Two of them are used on a regular basis for long-distance missions to help calibrate the Daren Subspace Telescope Array. The crew commonly refer to them by the equivalent Federation Standard word.

  • USS Mare Cognitum — "The Knowledge" — Research
  • USS Mare Imbrium — "The Fire" — Patrol
  • USS Mare Insularum — "The Islands" — Patrol
  • USS Mare Serenitatis — "The Serenity" — Telescope Calibration
  • USS Mare Tranquillitatis — "The Tranquility" — Telescope Calibration
  • USS Oceanus Procellarum — "The Storms" — General Purpose

Attached Ship

The USS Dyson is a Edison-class that has been attached to Overwatch Station.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers


  • Overwatch Station is a flag station command assigned to Commodore Imya Jori, but members may feature it in their stories in accordance with Section 4 of the Command Policy.
  • Unlike most starbases, Overwatch Station is strictly a Research Facility and Subspace Telescope Array. While starships are able to visit, the station is unable to conduct repairs, resupply, or fuel to visiting starships. Starships do routinely bring the station supplies.
  • The Daren Subspace Radio Telescope Array or "Daren Array" is currently under construction by Starfleet Corps of Engineers, it is able to study the Talvath Cluster. While well within Federation space, there has been some contention between the Federation and the Romulan Free State.
  • Due to the nature of Overwatch Station, there is no civilian population onboard the station.