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Welcome to the Bravo Fleet Wiki!

This database contains all information relating to Bravo Fleet, including our canon storyline, official documents, and our organization's history. The majority of our database entries relate to our vision of 2399, shortly after the events of Star Trek: Picard. Keep in mind that this database is not a complete repository of what we consider canon, and we have tried to not simply duplicate information available from Memory Alpha. This wiki’s information is exclusive to Bravo Fleet, and holds important context for our stories and activities.

This wiki is a collaboration from our Lore Office staff and our membership. Any member of Bravo Fleet is welcome to add or edit information on our wiki, but only articles with a Bravo Fleet icon in the top right corner have been approved as fleet-wide canon. All other pages are relevant to a specific game or story, and may be used at the discretion of our members. For an overview of what Bravo Fleet considers canon, please review our Canon Policy.


Starfleet is the exploratory and defensive service of the United Federation of Planets. Its primary purpose is scientific discovery, with the majority of its resources and personnel dedicated to missions of exploration and research. Alongside that stands the work of Starfleet diplomats, representing the Federation's interests abroad through the pursuit not only of peace and stability, but ideals of justice and equality.





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The Bravo Fleet Management System (BFMS) is our main website. This is where we store all of our writing, competitions, and other activities.