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|        natives = [[Finnean|Finneans]]
|        natives = [[Finnean|Finneans]]
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|        population =  
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|        capital =
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| mapquadrant= Gamma
| mapletter= B
| mapnumber= 2

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Federation Faction

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Finnea Prime
Grid B2, Gamma Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:

Finnea system


Gamma Quadrant


Class M


Deep Space 14

Discovery Date:


Political Information

United Federation of Planets

Native Inhabitants:





The Finnea star system is located in the Gamma Quadrant, to the galactic northwest of the Bajoran wormhole. Consisting of seven planets and two asteroid belts, the system is home to just over five hundred million inhabitants. Most of those inhabitants are based on the third planet from the sun, Finnea Prime. The planet's political structure is very similar to one of Earth's early periods, when the Greeks lived in independent city-states. Six large Steadings exist on the planet, with ninety percent of the planet's population living within one of those. The other ten percent live in the lawless wastes of the planet, staying alive by preying on the weak.

Finnea Prime is a class M-class planet, with thirty percent of the overall surface area of the planet taken up by land, leaving seventy percent covered by water. One large land mass takes up almost half of the southern hemisphere, while several smaller ones, similar in size to Earth's Australia, dot the northern hemisphere. In the western hemisphere there are no land masses. At one time, over six hundred years ago, there were several large chains of islands that dotted that hemisphere. Then a small asteroid impacted almost dead centre, causing as cataclysmic event that totally reshaped the face of the planet. When the dust had settled ninety percent of the life on the planet had been snuffed out, and the entire western hemisphere was now nothing but water.

People survived by drawing together in clumps of civilization, using the skills of one another to stay alive. Over time these clumps developed into the six Steadings that now rule the populace. Each is it's own authority on the planet, with the inhabitants answering to the laws of the steadings.

Over the past six hundred years the people of Finnea Prime have clawed their way back up to a period of industrialism equivalent to the mid-twentieth century of Earth. What they have that Earth didn't that helped them bring up their standard of living was contact with other planets and races in the Gamma Quadrant. Merchant ships made initial contact with the governments of Finnea Prime more than fifty years ago and found that some of the local grape, grown in the highlands and controlled by Holsworn Steading, were of excellent quality. The wine they produce under the Holsworn label has become one of the finer wines in the quadrant.

Over the course of a decade Finnea Prime became a frequent stop of the tramp merchants that plied the space ways. As time worn on Holsworn wine was not the only export. Finnea Prime also became known for cheap labor. A hard place, many were willing to take the chance off-world, working for one of the many conglomerates that controlled the ships that landed on their world. Thus, over the past fifty years many of Finnea's population has found themselves in other solar systems, earning a living in any way they could. Even if this meant ignoring the occasional law or two. This, coupled with the lawlessness of most of the surface of Finnea Prime, has turned those off-planet to second class citizens.

Creation of Deep Space 15

In 2370 the United Federation of Planets approached the leaders of the Steadings with the idea of creating a research and repair station that would orbit the planet. In exchange for some local resources and permission to study some of ruins left from the cataclysm they would be allowed to use the station as a transshipment point for their own goods without charge to them. That, and having Starfleet agree to share with all the Steadings any information their archaeologists may uncover.

The Federation readily agreed, with the station coming online in 2374. Very quickly the station established itself as a reputable place to come and conduct business, with the corporations on many worlds establishing a semi-permanent office there.

At this time there exists a decent working relationship between Deep Space 15 and the six Steadings on the planet. with the relationships ranging from friendly to tolerable. Those on the planet are envious of the advanced technology routinely used by off-worlders, but not enough to rock the boat. The agreements between the station and the planet were much too profitable for them to do anything that would endanger that source of income. And their relationship with the station.

The situation in Finnea Prime can be considered stable. Although there is the occasional flare up of pirating, there is nothing to indicate that things should not continue as they currently are, with both the Federation and the Finneans getting what they want.

The Consortium

Following The Consortium takeover of Deep Space 11, little changed on Finnea at first. Consortium Agents had been present, but as Finnea was not seen as a place of importance, all Starfleet assets were withdrawn from the system, leaving behind Deep Space 15. Several scientists, utterly fascinated by the Finnean Convergence Zone, remained behind to continue their studies, sacrificing their Starfleet careers in the process.

In Starfleet's absence, the Rakhari, Ferengi and the Dosi began to amass their fortunes and power over the Finneans. One of the steadings was transformed into something that resembles a forced labor camp. Another steading was driven into poverty and economic depression. Many of the Finneans began to develop into a state of unrest. Others began to organize into resistance cells in the troubled steadings in hopes of overthrowing their oppressive masters.

Even the scientists were not able to escape persecution, as several Finneans angrily lashed out at them in response to abandonment by the Federation.

A few months later, when the Consortium threat had been purged, Starfleet began to slowly return to Finnea Prime. At first, it was just two ships, though their assignment was to assess the situation on Finnea and re-establish a presence at the Convergence Zone. It wouldn't be until the arrival of the USS Black Hawk until the Finneans would have any hope of salvation in their crisis.