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  • Broken Cube
  • Sphere 214
  • Sphere 591
  • Sphere 339


Not much is known about Delta-408, so there is little information available. What is known is that this graveyard dates back to at least 2378 when the USS Voyager made their fatal blow by unleashing the neurolytic pathogen upon the Borg. The graveyard was found anti-spinward of the Turei Alliance near the borders of chaotic space in 2383.

The theory so far is that a Borg attack group was patrolling the chaotic space when the pathogen hit them and diverted their course straight through the chaotic space, ending their destination in a large asteroid field. After repeating encounters with unpredictable Borg ship behavior that resulted in injurious or deaths, the area received warning beacons to stay away from it or enter at own risk.

Warnings ignored, sightings of scavengers were spotted within the designated area of the graveyard. Starfleet's Delta Exploration Initiative is keeping close taps on the location, as it seems that scavengers use it as a looting place to get Borg parts to be sold in the black market.

USS Tokyo - Retrieval Mission

Due to the unknown Borg activities in both Beta and Delta Quadrants that appeared in 2401, Fourth Fleet deployed ships to investigate these appearances. But also to make preparations if things would or could go south. The USS Tokyo was assigned to retrieve the neurolytic pathogen at Delta-408.

USS Tokyo manages to retrieve a portion of the pathogen, but at the price of losing two away team members. They managed during the away team mission to keep the scavengers at bay until they had to make a hasty departure when the broken cube made an attempt to take them.


Overall observation connects to the theory of its history. Upon arrival, the Cube was hit by an asteroid and came to a halt. Sphere 214 was in defensive mode to make way. Sphere 591 made an avoiding maneuver and is stuck in a constant loop of going around. Lastly, Sphere 339 is the unlucky one and most likely got destroyed upon arrival.

Broken Cube

Stationary in its location, it can be seen broken in its part but still is active. The hull shows severe damage due to impact, most likely a few asteroids that float around in this asteroid field hit it. It shows dysfunctional behavior, by random scans on various asteroids. Drone behaviour on the cube is described as chaotic and unpredictable.

Sphere 214

It is constantly flying in the same pattern, going back and forth in a linear line. Reports go that this Sphere is seen as the most aggressive one, it will attack anything that crosses its path or is near it. This is the main reason why there are various wrecked ships near its path.

Sphere 591

This sphere is observed to go in circles at a low speed, it is shown to run out of resources to keep its engines going, which explains their slow movement. Scavengers have boarded this ship more than once, unknown with what result.

Sphere 339

The unlucky ship that got destroyed upon arrival at this graveyard. Its pieces are scattered over a radius of a few kilometers. Scavengers have successfully looted the most rich resourceful pieces.

In Play

  • Delta-408 is an unpredictable location with dysfunctional Borg ships. Entering this area is quite risky and ill advised by DEI.
  • Delta-408 is a treasure trove for scavengers who wish to get Borg parts fast for the black market. They operate here mostly in groups and can be allied to any faction in Delta Quadrant. As the Ferengi would say in Rule 239 - Never be afraid to mislabel a product.
  • If your mission is located near or within the graveyard, you are to coordinate and report with the DEI.