Bravo Fleet Engineering Officer

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Bravo Fleet Engineering Officer
Basic Information


Member of

Bravo Fleet Command

In Character Title

Director of the Fourth Fleet Corps of Engineers


The Bravo Fleet Engineering Officer (BFEO) is a voting member of Bravo Fleet Command responsible for developing and maintaining the fleet’s online infrastructure. The primary responsibility of the Engineering Officer is to ensure the fleet’s websites and servers are secure and operational. The Engineering Officer also designs and develops the systems that connect members with the various activities, programs, and information offered by the fleet. They work closely with department heads to install new technology for the fleet, often developing the tools another department needs for a specific project.

As one of few members of the fleet with administrator-level access to all systems, the Engineering Officer assists the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer and Executive Officer in maintaining access to fleet services and ensuring the security of the fleet’s systems.

This position is established under Article III of the Bravo Fleet Charter

General Duties

  • Operating the Bravo Fleet Engineering Office
  • Responsible for the development, maintenance, and improvement of Bravo Fleet websites
  • Manages access to Bravo Fleet servers, websites, and emails
  • Enforces security protocols and maintains the integrity of the fleet’s files and databases
  • Administrates and maintains the fleet’s Discord bots and server configurations
  • Investigates and develops new fleet-level software

Specific Duties

Bravo Fleet Management System

  • Responsible for keeping the Bravo Fleet Management System operational and usable
  • Debugs and fixes errors as they are reported, prioritizing threats to the system and usability of the website
  • Develops new features for the system, often working with other department heads to create and improve functionality for various fleet-level activities and programs
  • Responsible for the layout of the website, ensuring user accessibility across platforms
  • Jointly responsible with the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer and Executive Officer for administering user roles and access
  • Jointly responsible with department heads for maintaining posts and content throughout the website


  • Jointly responsible with the Bravo Fleet Intelligence Officer for administering user roles and access
  • Assists in the development of templates and the design of the theme


  • Jointly responsible with the Academy Commandant for administering user roles and access


  • Develops and maintains Bravo Fleet’s Discord bots
  • Jointly responsible with the Bravo Fleet Communications Officer for moderating and maintaining the server, including managing access roles, channel configurations, and enforcing policy


  • Jointly responsible with the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer and Executive Officer for the distribution of Bravo Fleet’s email accounts
  • Assists email account holders with the setup, security, and use of the email server

Quality Control and Documentation

  • Develops and maintains coding and design standards for use throughout Bravo Fleet
  • Responsible for the quality control of Bravo Fleet’s websites, fixing any designs or algorithms that are not up to standard
  • Creates documentation and collaborative GitHub repositories for all fleet-level software


  • Responsible for the security of Bravo Fleet’s servers, files, and databases
  • Performs updates to all fleet-level software, ensuring stability before live implementation
  • Maintains secure backups of all server configurations, files, and data
  • Responds to threats and attacks against the servers or software
  • Routinely audits the server’s access and error logs to check for and prevent attacks

In Character Role

The Director of the Fourth Fleet Corps of Engineers, also known as the Chief of Engineers, oversees all shipyard operations, research and development labs, and civil engineering projects within the fleet’s jurisdiction. The Fourth Fleet Corps of Engineers is primarily responsible for constructing and maintaining all Starfleet and Federation facilities, starships, and technology in the fleet. The Chief of Engineers serves as a senior advisor to the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer for all engineering issues and projects the fleet undertakes.

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