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Atlantis Exploratory Squadron, known commonly as Atlantis Squadron, is a Task Force 47 squadron based around the USS Atlantis and under the command of Fleet Captain Tikva Theodoras. Atlantis Squadron is based in the Thomar Expanse primarily and based out of Deep Space 47 when required. The squadron's primary duties are exploration of the Thomar Expanse and beyond along the trailing edges of the Cardassian Union and providing support to the Cardassian Union in the face of Breen Confederacy aggression. With all starships being explorers, they are capable of a wide variety of missions and as such the squadron is an adaptable formation well suited for the wide range of situations such long-range explorations may encounter.

Atlantis Squadron is a leading example in Starfleet's return to its core tenets - peaceful exploration of the galaxy at large and the advancement of knowledge across all spheres of study. The squadron also serves as an example of Starfleet's determination to maintaining the peace, especially in the sometimes volatile space of the Thomar Expanse.


  • April 2401 - Present : Fleet Captain Tikva Theodoras


USS Atlantis

Flagship - USS Atlantis is a Sovereign-class explorer and the flagship of the squadron under the direct command of Fleet Captain Tikva Theodoras. A considerable vessel on its own, Atlantis is the heavyweight of the squadron in terms of tactical and engineering capacity, with her scientific versatility lagging behind the other ships of the squadron. Atlantis is charged with leading the way in deep-space exploration along the trailing edge of the Thomar Expanse, securing diplomatic ties with new powers discovered and working to assist in maintaining or settling the Cardassian/Breen cold war that is brewing over the Expanse and its treasures. Atlantis' deployment in a conflict area also serves as a potent statement regarding Starfleet's intent since the vessel has gained a reputation after the Battles of Leonis [1] Deneb[2][3].

USS Republic

Deep Space Exploration - USS Republic is a Constitution III-class explorer under the command of Captain Charles MacIntyre. A powerful exploratory platform, harkening to the days of Starfleet's golden era of exploration and discovery, what Atlantis lacks in scientific versatility Republic more than makes up for and then some. Her primary purpose is concurrent exploratory work alongside Atlantis and has a similar mission statement to the larger vessel. When operating together she acts as Atlantis' escort vessel and with her higher top speed is capable of interception and scouting duties as well.

USS Perseus

Research Vessel - USS Perseus is an older Galaxy-class explorer under the command of Captain Rachel Garland. While an ageing exploratory platform, the Galaxy-class is still a valid and time-tested design with a wide-ranging capability and extensive endurance. Following the events of Frontier Day, Perseus has been reassigned to front-line duties in order to wave the Federation flag once more in the guise of a symbol of the accomplishments and glories of yesteryear. Her extensive scientific facilities and crew amenities make her ideal for longer-duration follow-up surveys, deep space exploration and diplomatic endeavours.

USS Sagan

Deep Space Exploration - USS Sagan is the class-lead for the Sagan-class light explorers. She currently fulfils a similar role for Perseus as Republic does for Atlantis. Her high speed and endurance at those speeds makes her ideal as well as a rapid-response platform across the Thomar Expanse for the squadron or Task Force 47 as a whole when needed.



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