USS Discovery

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USS Discovery
Registry NCC-82006
Class Century
Affiliation Starfleet, United Federation of Planets
Status Active
Role Deep Space Explorer / Task Force Flagship
Task Force 17
Quadrant Delta Quadrant
Commanding Officer Captain Lucas Rider
Executive Officer Commander Natashar Rozan
"Sometimes the universe allows for the making of unexpected memories."
   —Philippa Georgiou - Ship's Dedication Quote

The USS Discovery (NCC-82006) is a Century-class Federation starship and became the flagship for the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 17 in 2399. Built specifically to explore the Delta Quadrant, the builders at the Devron Fleet Yards (her place of construction) ensured the ship was outfitted with the latest technology and more specialised equipment and essentials for her mission of deep space exploration. Unlike the standard configuration for Century-class ships, Discovery is equipped with faster engines and the best tactical systems in the fleet. As well as this, a majority of her storage facilities and cargo bays were jam-packed with extra supplies, fuel and equipment due to the need for the ship to be able to fulfil her long-term mission requirements. Launched under the command of Captain Zack Marshall-Bennet at the start of 2399, the crew was populated by everyone from his previous command (the USS Vesta). As a result of this, the crew was one of the most trained and experienced crews in the fleet to lead Starfleet's efforts in exploring the Delta Quadrant. Eventually command fell to Bennet's first officer, Lucas Rider, when it was necessary for Bennet to concentrate on commanding Starfleet's forces assigned to his command.

Design & Layout

Like all Century-class ships, the Discovery is equipped with sophisticated computer technology allowing for a majority of the ship to maintain itself while the crew focus on their mission at hand. Her design features are heavily relied upon a mixture of those found on the Sovereign-class, the Intrepid-class and Galaxy-class. This was one thing that impressed Captain Bennet the most when he took command of the ship. The bridge layout, for example, was similar to the Galaxy but showed similar design themes taking from the Sovereign.

One of the unique labs built specifically for Discovery was a larger astrometrics lab. This down to the fact that Captain Bennet noted from the records of the USS Voyager how much they relied upon their own lab during the last few years of their journey. As such he wanted something similar.

Being the flagship of the task force, the Discovery is equipped with the latest in hyper-subspace communication technology too. When in Federation space, the ship is able to use its advanced holographic technology to bring others in, especially other commanding officers, to have a real life face-to-face meeting (if they have holographic communication devices on their ships) to speak with Captain Bennet. Once in the Delta Quadrant, it will be down to Discovery's powerful deflector dish to bounce this signal off an artificial quantum singularity to remain in touch with the other ships in Task Force 17.

Support Craft

Lastly, the Discovery's shuttlecraft compliment was reduced in favour of it having more runabouts. Instead of the usual eighteen, this was taken down to nine. The extra space was given to three more mission specific runabouts. Along with the captain's yacht the Discovery was launched with the following types of runabouts, all of them taking their namesake on places or peoples related to the HMS Discovery (from 1774):



The Discovery's mission to the Delta Quadrant was postponed due to the sudden insurgence from raids taking place along the Federation-Klingon border (specially in the Archanis Sector.) Led by rebels that were part of the House of D'Ghor, the attacks against Federation assets included colonies, outposts and civilian traffic. It required a strong response from the Federation, as a result elements from the Fourth Fleet were sent in. Being the new flagship of its task force, the Discovery led Starfleet's efforts in rebuilding the detection grid along the border. This also included the successful assembly of the new Archanis Array. The Discovery would prove herself in battle and that the ship, along with its crew, were ready for whatever awaited them in the Delta Quadrant.


Command Staff

  • Fleet Commander: Commodore Zack Marshall-Bennet (Human Male)
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Lucas Rider (Human Male)
  • Executive Officer: Commander Commander Natashar Rozan (Betazoid Female)
  • Second Executive Officer/Chief Security & Tactical Officer: Commander Michael Johnson (Human Male)
  • Third Executive Officer/Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Keh'lianna Mayer (Klingon-Human Female)
  • Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Joeish-Wilso (Grazerite Male)
  • Chief Operations Officer: Lieutenant Caitheris (Barzan Female)
  • Chief Flight Control Officer: Lieutenant Tarendiz (Risian Female)
  • Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Gailwon (Boilian Female)
  • Chief Counsellor & Chief Diplomatic Officer: Lieutenant Nares Rabyn (Trill Male - Joined)

USS Discovery In play

  • When players write about their adventures on the Discovery, they may find themselves dealing with a range of diplomatic or exploration missions due to the fact it is the flagship in the expeditionary force.
  • Players can write joint entries with the TFCO on the ship too.