USS Argonaut

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USS Argonaut









Light Cruiser

Task Force

Task Force 72

Commanding Officer

Captain Jon Bastin

The USS Argonaut is the prototype and class leader of Argonaut Class of light cruisers. Currently under the command of Captain Jon Bastin, she is assigned to the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 72.

The Aegean Lounge

Whether by design or by coincidence, the largest lounge aboard the USS Argonaut was named after the sea in which the ancient myth that inspired both the vessel's and the vessel's class name. Unlike a majority of vessels of comparable or larger size, the main lounge of the Argonaut is located in the center of the saucer section of the vessel on deck 6. The general layout of the lounge follows the design aesthetics of mess halls that can be found on the Intrepid class of starships, though the lack of view ports and the expanded seating area give it a different feel than other lounges.

True to the functional feel of the majority of the Argonaut, the lounge features several replicator banks and a large number of four seat tables spaced at intervals around the compartment. The lack of booths in the lounge was a purposeful omission, designed to encourage the crew to mingle without a feeling that certain spaces were for any particular population of the ship. Another purposeful design characteristic was the open synthehol bar standing just beyond the banks of the replicators that allows patrons to serve themselves to eliminate the need for dedicated service personnel.

Also available to patrons is a wide variety of popular gaming activities that encourage healthy competition and camaraderie in the crew. Tables along the opposing wall from the replicator banks are outfitted with game boards for 3D chess, Terrace, Strategema, and several other activities from various places, including several from outside of the Federation. While several other lounges exist aboard the Argonaut, the Aegean Lounge houses the largest variety and is usually the most populous during off duty hours no matter which shift one finds themselves on.