Thomar Expanse

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Thomar Expanse
Major Powers
Minor Powers
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Important Places
  • Rolor Nebula
  • Lethea
  • Moroga

The Thomar Expanse is a region of space in the Alpha Quadrant, averaging twenty light-years in width separating the Breen Confederacy and the Cardassian Union and adjacent to the Tzenkethi Coalition. Born out of the schism between the two factions who had allied during the Dominion War, the Expanse was established through brief subspace negotiations in 2376, with the signing of the Treaty of Gavaria. The Expanse is officially a no-man's-land, but remains an area of contention between the two powers, as it contains several worlds rich in minerals that the Breen and Cardassians covet.

Several inhabited worlds are located within the Expanse, with the species inhabiting those worlds caught between the two antagonists. Starfleet Command recommends avoiding the area except in cases of urgent humanitarian aid.


The Sinarru Incident

Sinarru VI is a world located in the Thomar Expanse, rich in xirdalium, a mineral essential to both the Breen and Cardassians, as it can power the Cardassians' Galor-class reactors, as well as the Breen's refrigeration suits. In 2383, Breen forces occupied Sinarru VI and established a xirdalium mining operation. Cardassian forces attacked to dislodge the Breen from Sinarru. A cease-fire was reached after three weeks of conflict, and the incident was classified as a minor skirmish.

Federation Interests

The Federation has pledged itself to protect the inhabited worlds located inside the Expanse. Passage through the area is very much required if Starfleet wishes to explore the Unknown Regions beyond Ultima Thule. However access to the region requires crossing the Badlands, an area of space where plasma storms are constantly raging, and where several ships have been either destroyed or have disappeared.

Fate of the USS Bamako

The USS Bamako was a Nova-class explorer sent to survey the region in the years following the signing of the Treaty of Gavaria. Captain th'Nekan reported exiting the Badlands on Stardate 54076.3, with minor damage to the ship's secondary hull caused by the plasma storms prevalent in the Badlands. On Stardate 54078.2, following repairs, the ship was scheduled to engage its Warp drive on course to Bukit Bintang II, but never reached its destination. No trace of the Bamako was ever found, and no further communication was ever received. Faint Breen energy signatures were detected in the area, but the evidence was inconclusive.

Notable Landmarks

The Rolor Nebula

A Class-VI nebula, seven light-years long and four light-years wide, the Rolor Nebula is a remnant of the Rolor Supernova, which is estimated to have occurred twelve thousand years ago. Rich in xenon, argon, fluorine and syrillium.


Lethea is located between the Rolor Nebula and the Breen Confederacy. Home to a telepathic species (Letheans) who are not to be counted on as Federation allies.


Home to the agrarian Morogan species, Moroga II is a peaceful planet located within 15 light-years of Ultima Thule. The Federation was instrumental in eradicating an outbreak of Phaeosphaeria herpotrichoides, a fungus that had been destroying Morogan crops.

In Play

  • The Thomar Expanse is a tense region to explore. Passage through the region is necessary to access the Unknown Regions beyond Ultima Thule.
  • Several worlds exist within the region - some friendly to the Cardassians, some bitter from generations of culling by the Breen, others simply trying to keep a low profile, making the area ripe with possibilities.
  • Cardassian and Breen relations are tense. Both factions are eager to get their hands on the natural resources present in the Expanse, but incursions by either faction might lead to conflict.
  • Starfleet's presence in the region might be unwelcome by the Breen and the Cardassians.
  • The Rolor Nebula might be the hiding place for smugglers travelling between the Cardassian Union and the Tzenkethi Coalition.