Kunhri III

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Kunhri III
Star system



Velorum Sector


Beta Quadrant




Tropical-wet climate zones and desert climate zones

  • Reman (current)
  • Romulan (former)



1.8 million


Refinery 01R


Kunhri III is the third planet in the Kunhri star system, located on the outer rim of the Velorum Sector, in the Beta Quadrant. The Romulan Star Empire first established a colony on the otherwise uninhabited planet to lay claim to its mineral riches. The Romulans constructed mining facilities deep into Kunhri III and they operated through the forced labour of subjugated client species, such as the Remans. After a century of mining every valuable ore out of the planet, the Romulans converted the mining facilities into refineries that processed ores from neighboring planets in the Velorum Sector.

In mid-2400, the workers of Kunhri III rebelled against the local Romulans in the government and refinery overseers at the same time similar rebellions occurred across the Velorum Sector. The cabal of Remans who replaced the government of Kunhri III pledged loyalty to the Reman, now-Govenor Resak, who assumed control of the Velorum Sector's capital world, Psi Velorum III. In unison, the Reman government of Kunhri III declared independence from the Romulan Star Empire.

Geography & Climate

Near the equator, the land masses are primarily desert climate and dry terrain. All of the mining facilities located on these land masses have been converted into refineries. North and south of the equator, the land masses are primarily tropical-wet climate zones, with expansive swamp lands that vary between fresh water and salt water.

Since the late 2200s, all of the precious ores and minerals within Kunhri III have been mined and removed from the planet.

Notable Locations

  • Refinery 01R is the capital city of Kunhri III, containing every part of Reman community, from living quarters that used to be cells, to birthing pools, to the working mechanisms of the refineries, to solitary confinement cells, to grave yards. In mid-2400, a Starfleet taskforce was invited to Kunhri by the Reman government. The USS Dvorak issued replicators to Refinery 01R and constructed a hydroponic garden. During the height of mining and refining activities on the planet a small but sprawling set of structures were built around refinery. Over the years though these have fallen into disrepair and act as a slum for the population, espeically the non-Reman and non-Romulan popualtion. It was here that Lieutenant Kirin Tarken went to met with a Starfleet intelligence asset.
  • Refinery 03G is a metalwork refinery. In mid-2400, the USS Dvorak issued replicators and constructed a community hydroponic garden in the depths of the refinery.
  • Refinery 08F is a fuel refinery. In mid-2400, the USS Dvorak issued replicators and constructed a community hydroponic garden in the depths of the refinery.
  • Refinery 27C is a metalwork refinery. In mid-2400, the USS Daradax landed on the grounds of the refinery to issue replicators and food rations to the locals. The USS Dvorak constructed a community hydroponic garden in the refinery.


Kunhri III is one of the older Romulan colonies in the Velorum Sector. It was claimed in an early thrust of the Star Empire's era of expansion to claim it's mineral riches. The meager mining facilities that are visible on the surface belie the depths of further industrial architecture --designed like vast cylinders-- that has been burrowed deep beneath the crust of the planet. The Star Empire resettled Remans onto Kunhri III to serve as a forced workforce in the mines. There are no apparent cities on the planet, aside from the original underground mining structures. Those great pits are ringed only by small security towers, administrative buildings, and lush private quarters for the small population of the ruling Romulans. As far as the Remans are concerned, the industrial facilities are self-contained cities in themselves, containing everything the Romulans were prepared to provide the Reman workers for their entire life cycle.

By the late 2200s, all resources of value had been mined out of the planet. The Romulans converted the mines into refineries, producing metals for starship hulls and shuttlecraft fuels. At the time, the conversion of equipment was a lash-up, and the refineries have received few technological upgrades since the 2200s, aside from necessary repairs.

Generations of Remans have been born, and worked, and died in the mines and then the refineries of Kunhri III. Only during the Dominion War did some of them receive a reprieve to serve aboard Romulan warbirds, rather than perform hard labour in the refineries.


The majority of the population on Kunhri III is Reman, making up 92% of the populace. A further 8% of the population are Romulan or other Romulan vassal species. Aside from the new Reman government, established in mid-2400, the entire population works in the refineries in one manner or another.

The Orion Syndicate operates on Kunhri III, with many of its members embedded in the Reman labour population. The 'withdrawl' of the Romulan Star Empire from the planet left a power vacuum which the syndicate aimed to utilize. This lead to different factions within the syndicate developing and a brief power struggle. At the end the Halrad-Gar, an Orion male, overcame the other leaders, notably Zarni a female Reman who was second in command and Hen'Real male Orion who lead activities previously. Halrad-gar has direct control over all activities both on the planet and in-system as June 2400.


In mid-2400, the ruling planetary government of the Romulan Star Empire was murdered and replaced by Reman workers from the refineries. The new Reman government declared the Kunhri system a free-state, separate from the Star Empire, and aligned themselves with Governor Resak on Psi Velorum III, capital of the Velorum Sector. Initially, the Remans self-declared themselves within the initial governmental roles that had existed under the rule of the Star Empire.

Notable politicians from the mid-2400 Reman government include:

  • J'mek (First Consul of Kunhri). After killing his Romulan predecessor, the Reman J'mek has taken the most senior governmental posting in the Kunhri star system.
  • Kecene (Consul of Vitality). After killing her Romulan predecessor in a position that had been titled Consul of Reman Affairs, the Reman Kecene has shifted the focus of her position to care for the health and wellbeing of the planet's population.