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This article is official Bravo Fleet Official Policy.


The Bravo Fleet Gaming Policy defines actions under the purview of the Gaming Office.

1 - Overview

  1. Bravo Fleet officially supports two video games:
    1. Star Trek Online
    2. World of Warships (PC Only)
  2. Gaming Nights are synchronous events organized by members under the coordination and approval of the Gaming Office.
    1. Information about organizing gaming nights is found in the Gaming Nights Guide.

2 - Gaming Awards

  1. As defined by the Office of the Chief of Staff, there are four ribbons related specifically to gaming:
    1. Strategic Action Ribbons, awarded for actions consisting of a single member of Bravo Fleet participating within a game.
      1. Members may only earn 20 Combat Action Ribbons per day.
    2. Joint Action Ribbons, awarded for group gaming actions where multiple members of Bravo Fleet are participating cooperatively in a game.
      1. Members may only earn 50 Joint Action Ribbons per day, combined across any platform.
    3. Competitive Action Ribbons, awarded for group gaming actions where multiple members of Bravo Fleet are competing against each other, in teams or individually.
      1. Members may only earn 50 Competitive Action Ribbons per day.
    4. Campaign Ribbons, awarded for meeting long-term gaming goals.
      1. There are no restrictions to Campaign Ribbons earned per day.
  2. Members earn gaming awards by submitting their gaming activity on a supported game to the gaming activity form on the Bravo Fleet website with a screenshot that clearly identifies the activity in question and the member(s) participating in it.
    1. A guide to screenshots can be found here.
  3. Submissions for Joint Action Ribbons and Competitive Action Ribbons should only be made once per action, with one member submitting a screenshot, the BFMS IDs of the other members, and a list of which in-game handle or screen name matches each BFMS ID.
  4. Officially supported games have defined formulae for earning action ribbons.
    1. A member may submit for Joint Action Ribbons or Competitive Action Ribbons in games that are not officially supported in Bravo Fleet. The process for this is outlined in Section 4 of this document.

3 - Supported Games

  1. The Bravo Fleet Security Office is responsible for maintaining an official list of supported games that have full access to the awards system described in Section 2.
  2. Supported Games will be the only games with access to Campaign Ribbons.
  3. Games that are officially supported are reviewed periodically for compatibility with Bravo Fleet awarding systems, as well as content and balance.

3.1 - Awards for Supported Games

  1. Supported games qualify for all awards that a game can possibly have, based on available game modes.
    1. If a game does not have a single player mode, it will not qualify for Strategic Action Ribbons.
    2. If a game does not have a cooperative mode, it will not qualify for Joint Action Ribbons.
    3. If a game does not have a competitive mode, it will not qualify for Competitive Action Ribbons.
  2. Each game action bases itself on getting one ribbon per screenshot action submitted.
    1. Notwithstanding the above, there are exceptions to this rule, such as submitting one screenshot that qualifies the player for more than one Campaign Ribbon.
  3. Each game can have a modifier based on the difficulty of the action performed or criteria like victory or achieving certain in-game awards.
    1. The formula for how this applies to each game will be publicly posted with the information for the supported game.

3.2 - Adding A Supported Game

  1. Adding a supported game is decided by the Security Office, and may come under review after being suggested.
  2. Criteria we look for to add a game to our supported list include:
    1. Compatibility with the BFMS awarding system for actions inside the game;
    2. Appropriate content for playing;
    3. Multiplayer, either in a Player vs. Environment (PvE) or Player vs. Player (PvP) arena;
    4. Achievable goals for Campaign Ribbons; and
    5. Ease of grouping up players on a same server.

4 - Other Video Games

  1. As indicated in Section 2, Sub-Section 2.3, groups members are welcome to play other multiplayer video games that are not officially supported by the Gaming Office, to earn Combat Action Ribbons for each completed action.
    1. A completed action is defined as a completed round, game, match, or the equivalent that results in a score screen, leaderboard, or similar.
  2. Submissions for non-supported games are made through the BFMS in the same way as those for supported games.
    1. There should only be one submission per group per action, with the submission clearly listing all of the members involved.
    2. Multiple actions with the same group of members playing the same game may be submitted together as a single submission.
  3. Combat Action Ribbons counts for each gaming submission are calculated with the following formula, using the values in the table below:
Number of Actions Submitted x Member Modifier = Total Ribbons
Member Modifiers
Description Value
2-3 members 1x
3-4 members 2x
5+ members 3x