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Military Assault Command Operations (MACOs)



United Earth Commonwealth


MACO Headquarters, Lian Yu, North China Sea

Primary Mission

Defence against extraterrestrial threats


Earth, Sol System

  • Commander-in-Chief:
    • President Lydia Littlejohn (Government/Civilian)
  • Defence Secretary:
    • Thomas Vanderbilt (Government/Civilian)
  • Chief of the General Staff
    • General George Casey

Semper Invictus
("Forever Invincible")


Active (2155)


This article is about the Military Assault Command Operations (MACO) set in the 22nd Century.

The Military Assault Command Operations (commonly abbreviated as "MACO", pronounced "MAY-ko") is the specialist operations branch of the United Earth Commonwealth's military. Its remit was to investigate and combat paranormal and extraterrestrial threats to the Earth. This branch of the military was established so that in the unlikely event that force had to be used to protect the national interests and security of the Commonwealth and its citizens, then specialised trained soldiers can deal with these matters. MACO tactics and military-based technology are at least two-three years advanced compared to United Earth Starfleet.

Creation and Purpose

Just like the Earth Global Defence Force and the United Earth Space Probe Agency, the Military Assault Command Operations were part of the original United Earth Accords that were agreed upon in 2130. The MACO would be tasked with protecting Earth's interests against outside aggressors. The leaders of Earth had heard recounts from their Vulcan allies of other potential races that could pose a threat to the security of their new unified global government. Along with this, as the UESPA sent probes deep into space, humanity would end up drawing attention to itself. As a result, it was decided to be proactive and ensure that Earth could defend itself and for it to succeed that a highly qualified and trained specialist force would be developed to be used only when the Earth was truly threatened and that the GDF could not respond to such threat. The MACOs were never intended to be involved in dealing with internal security affairs that affected Earth. That was the job of the security agencies, local law enforcement and the governments to manage.


The President of the United Earth Commonwealth is the de jure Commander-in-Chief of the MACO as per the United Earth Accords, but the primary responsibility is delegated to the Defence Secretary. Like so many Earth democracies, it was important that civilians controlled the military as a result the MACO is also held accountable not just by the Ministry of Defence but by the military affairs oversight sub-committee from the United Earth Parliament.

The military side of the MACO is overseen by the Chief of the General Staff, this is normally a five-star general who has served in the MACO chain of command. General Angela Magambo was the first position holder as Chief of the General Staff, she retired in 2152 and was succeeded by the Deputy Chief of the General Staff, General George Casey. Besides the Chief and their Deputy Chief, the MACO is divided into areas of specialism as well as whole divisions of infantry that are specially trained. The Chief of the General Staff also holds a position on the Joint Chiefs of Staff as one of the senior military advisors to the President and Defence Secretary. Through the collaboration and work with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Chief of the General Staff is required to ensure that the efforts of the MACO do not conflict with other military branches or cause harm (the same is said for the other branches as well). The spirit of unity is vital for the success of Earth's military branches.

Collaboration with other branches and agencies

For almost twenty years since its creation, the MACO had not worked with any other branch of Earth's military on any significant operation or project. This changed in 2153 after the Xindi attacked Earth and Starfleet, which was not a branch of the military yet, had made the request for a MACO unit to be assigned to its flagship, Enterprise, to assist its crew with their efforts in stopping the Xindi from destroying the Earth. This was one of the most successful joint operations which resulted in MACO units being deployed to Starfleet's ships when a captain or the Starfleet Commander-in-Chief requested it. Prior to the outbreak of war with the Romulans, President Littlejohn agreed and signed on a joint venture between the two organisations that saw MACO units permanently assigned to all Starfleet ships. There was a high influx with its recruitment shortly after this was announced as many younger people wanted to serve to defend Earth when it looked like war was only on the horizon.

Detachments on a starship

When a MACO detachment is assigned to a starship it is a well-oiled team of twenty people of various specialisations and qualifications split between four four-man assault operation teams with a fifth group of four support specialists that can be added as required or used as a fire team.

Modelled on small unit tactics common to tactical-police/paramilitary/special-operations units, MACO teams excel in targeted strikes, reconnaissance, protection of key personnel, rescue, and hazardous environment training.

All MACOs are EVA, CQB, and weapons trained and can function very well in assault roles and capturing starships/outposts, and can stand in for bridge crew when needed, though typically only for basic operations and general functions. All MACOs are also trained to augment the Armoury and Engineering department's damage control and repair activities in a pinch and are trained to rescue trapped crewmembers from damaged areas and provide onsite first aid and care until they can be evacuated back to sickbay or at least into the care of a medical department member.

Team I – Command
  • Detachment Commander
  • MACO Assault Operator
  • MACO Assault Operator
  • MACO Assault Operator

Team II – Assault

  • Detachment Deputy Commander
  • MACO Assault Operator
  • MACO Assault Operator
  • MACO Assault Operator

Team III – Assault

  • Detachment Assistant Commander
  • MACO Assault Operator
  • MACO Assault Operator
  • MACO Assault Operator


  • Detachment First Sergeant
  • MACO Assault Operator
  • MACO Assault Operator
  • MACO Assault Operator

Team V – Support

  • MACO Support Leader
  • MACO Support Specialist
  • MACO Support Specialist
  • MACO Support Specialist

Sample Qualifications

  • Pilot/Vehicle Specialist (Starship, Small-craft, Ground Vehicles)
  • Medic
  • Demolitions Specialist
  • Ordinance Specialist
  • Sniper/Marksman
  • Close-Quarters Combat
  • E-Warfare Specialist
  • Linguist/Communications
  • Tactician/Command
  • Reconnaissance/Tracking Specialist
  • Combat Engineer/Mechanic
  • Hazard Specialist (Radioactive/Biogenic/Viral Materials)

MACOs In Play

  • The MACOs are the best of the best from Earth's military might. They are strong, fast and knowledgeable.
  • MACO detachments on most ships have 20 soldiers, however on smaller ships this number is halved and on larger ships can be doubled (depending on capacity size).
  • Usually detachments are led by a Major but on rare occasions, they have been led by a Captain or 1st Lieutenant.