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Federation Faction

A lively system home to many species, the Un'gar System lies in the northern regions of the Deneb Sector, approximately ten lightyears from Cait, and is officially designated as a United Federation of Planets protectorate. Home to seven different worlds, ranging from M-class planetoids to a Y-class wasteland, the system's only native inhabitants are the Ungeat, a species with bulbous eyes, large ears and underdeveloped vocal cords which require voice synthesisers to communicate effectively.

Highly rich in natural resources, it was one of the first systems to be captured by the Dominion Lost Fleet following their invasion of the Deneb Sector in 2401, mainly because of the rich dilithium fields scattered across various worlds in the system. The largest population centers can be found on Un'giri (the third planet) and its neighbour, Uviri (the fifth planet, an O-class world largely covered in water.

System Specifics

Of the seven planets in the system, only three (Un'giri, Uviri and U'fri) are classed as inhabited, but there have been reports of outlying colonies popping up on moons across the system. The rest of the system is largely made up of Q-class planets with varying conditions that make life difficult to sustain. One planet, the one closest to the Un'gar star, is one of the most dangerous known to exist - a Y-class 'demon' planet.

One of the most unique features of the Un'gar system is that it is almost entirely surrounded by an enormous asteroid belt, known to natives as the Field of Woe. This asteroid belt makes entry and exit from the system quite difficult, but not impossible, as proven by the Dominion invasion of the system in early 2401.

Un'giri - M-class

The homeworld of the Ungeat, Un'giri is the third planet in the system, and the only M-class world, with four natural satellites. Over three billion lifeforms live on the planet, with some of its main industries revolving around dilithium exports, agriculture and a thriving, new technology sector. It was here, in 2275, that the Ungeat first achieved warp drive. Almost a century later, Un'giri officially became a protectorate of the Federation.

Uviri - O-class

Uviri; fifth planet in the system.

Uviri, the fifth planet in the system is an O-class Pelagic world, similair to Bolarus, Azati Prime and Cardassia. Although it is largely dominated by water, there are several island continents where Ungeat colonists have settled over time. It is a beautiful planet; a hot and humid world which has resulted in a tropical climate where much of its flora and fauna have become tough, rubbery and fibrous through centuries of evolution. Many natives live in villages that practically blend into their environments, almost as if the villages had been constructed so as to not obscure or take away from the natural beauty of the planet. Some believe that this is by design, so as to protect the villages from invaders.

Dilithium fields are located across Uviri's northern continent.

Farming is an important aspect of society here, with farms scattered across the planet’s lush and vibrant landscape. While many idyllic farms have spent their best years being tilled and cultivated, many now bear the scars of battle following the Dominion invasion. There are also dozens of deep-sea fish farms which serve as one of the planet's largest exports.

On the surface, as beautiful as Uviri may be, she is a relatively unspectacular world, until you learn of the presence of sizeable dilithium fields on the northern continent, and the refineries subsequently built there. It is the presence of those refineries that made the planet a tempting target for the Dominion.

The Eerie Mountains, located on the southern continent.

First discovered by Ungeat settlers a century ago, a mysterious region on the southern continent, losely translated as the Eerie Mountains is an inhospitable region almost entirely unnavigable through technological means. The exact reason for this is unknown; Starfleet scientists have been conducting research into the phenomena for a few years now and getting nowhere. At the base of the mountains, a network of open-air caves ran almost the entire length of the area, with several large, ancient ruins in seemingly random locations along the path. Considered almost mythical by most (given the near impossible ability to navigate there), one particular site is of particular interest and goes by many names, but the loosest translation into Federation standard would be The Sanctum.

The Sanctum

The Sanctum; a Starfleet listening post.

The Sanctum is home to a covert Starfleet listening post, which, until the invasion, was monitoring Breen relations with the K’zinti. The listening post went dark after the initial invasion, and its reactivation was part of a covert Starfleet mission led by the USS Hathaway.

In Play

  • This article was written as member canon for the USS Hathaway during the 'Lost Fleet' Campaign, and is intended to be used as the homeworld for the Ungeat, a member-created species currently a protectorate of the Federation.
  • Any member of Bravo Fleet may make use of the system as needed.
  • The Sanctum is a covert facility, with very few on the planet even knowing of its location. Arrival at the Sanctum must be authorised by a senior officer of fleet command.