USS Tornado

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USS Tornado

NCC 75478-C


Rhode Island Class

Date Commissioned:




Assigned TF:

Task Force 93


Scientifical Operations


Beta Quadrant




Commander Aki Shagdac




The USS Tornado-C is a Rhode Island class starship that serves the Federation in the Raeya Transit Corridor. The Tornado's main mission is that of scientifical and temporal investigation for the Task Force.


The USS Tornado-C was brought back into service after the USS Tornado-B disappeared. Commander Ryoko Takato was given command over the Rhode Island vessel and it served the Romulan borders for a year until her vessel was reassigned towards Task Force 93. There it continued to serve its legacy to explore the unknown, investigate scientific discoveries and temporal anomalies. In 2388 the Tornado helped to bring back Mannheim Temporal Research Facility. It helped the House of Darg to expose a rogue faction at works at Sut HabmoHwI' mupwI' in the Narendra System. The Tornado, however, got damage by the counter-attack of the rogue house, it got its Captain shot and comatose for three weeks.

However, upon return towards active status, the Tornado finds itself surrounded by a task group of the newly formed Sovereignty of Kahless and demanded Captain Takato to be transported. Against the wishes of her crew, Captain Takato made the sacrifice for the greater good of her crew escaping safely and transported towards the enemy ship. The Tornado manages to leave the area without their Captain. Back at the RTC, they received a new Commanding Officer that was a Dominion War veteran, Commander Shagdac. The Tornado went deep into Klingon space to assist the Empire with a prison barge that later turned out to a witch hunt for a Klingon scientist. In the end, the Tornado communicated towards the Empire that the prisoner had died, but secretly turned her over towards the Federation. The Tornado traveled deeper into Klingon space after they gather information of Starfleet prisoners. The XO manage to infiltrate the Sovereignty of Kahless and find out that Captain Takato, the original CO of Tornado, was still alive. The Tornado successfully raided the location and made it safely back to Federation space with all prisoners. Starfleet Command placed the ship on retirement after the disobeying of orders and transferred the crew to different assignments.T