USS Oroville

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The USS Oroville is a California-class utility cruiser assigned to Task Force 17. It is currently under the command of Commander Daniel Ramirez.


The USS Oroville boasts a proud history within Starfleet marked by exploration, scientific discovery, and diplomacy. Launched in the late 24th century, the Oroville quickly established itself as a versatile vessel, adept at navigating the vast and often unpredictable frontier of space. Its early years were spent on shakedown cruises and various missions that tested and proved its capabilities, laying a strong foundation for its operational career.

Under the command of its initial captains the USS Oroville embarked on missions that spanned the spectrum of Starfleet's core missions. It charted new territories, engaged in first contact with previously unknown species, and contributed valuable scientific knowledge through the study of cosmic phenomena. The ship also played a key role in humanitarian efforts and diplomatic negotiations, fostering peace and aiding those in need across the galaxy.


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Main Bridge

The main bridge of the USS Oroville is your standard California-class layout with the captains chair at the center, flanked by chairs on the left and right. Stations for the operations and helm officers are in front of the captains chair while directly behind it is the tactical officers panel.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers