USS North Star

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This article is official Task Force 99 canon.This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

USS North Star


Assigned TF:

Task Force 99




The USS North Star is a Vesta Class starship assigned to Task Force 99.

Mission Details

New Avia

Newly commissioned, the USS North Star was dispatched to the strange planet of New Avia in order to investigate the destruction of several ships in the region. Upon its arrival, Avian delegates warmly greeted the crew, but not all was as it seemed. The Avains had been more than welcoming and the away team were given rooms in the tree tops as the Avians were bi-pedal bird like beings. Upon further investigation, the crew discovered the destruction of several ships. The crew had survived, but not for long as the Avians consumed them as food. The starship hulls were rebuilt to function as cages for the captured crewmembers.

The Away Team discovered these cages, but not everyone could be saved. The Captain of the most recently destroyed ship was found. However, just as the Away Team discovered him, his cage was pulled through a hole, and the captain was never seen again. The Away Team returned, and just as a warning beacon was placed to warn off other starships, hoping that they would avoid Avian traps, New Avia exploded.

The crew of the North Star then arrived at Starbase 219 for some R and R while the rescued hostages and prisoners from New Avia come to terms with what happened. Most of the rescued hostages and crews needed extensive counseling due to what they'd seen. Some chose to remain with Starfleet and those who didn't resigned. It was during this shore leave that Commander Rosso was asked to be the ship's first officer and she accepted.


The North Star is dispatched to the water world Pacifica. The planet is known to be eighty percent water, with a massive resort on the bottom of the ocean floor. The planet itself had applied for admission into the Federation. Various sea creatures reside on the ocean floor near the resort. The rooms offer a full view of the ocean life and each building is interconnected by a series of tunnels. Pacificans themselves were water dwelling beings and were able to be out of the water for various lengths of time without support.

The remainder twenty percent of the planet were configured for those who did not desire to go underwater; complete with hotels, attractions and white sandy beaches. The crew of the North Star enjoyed their stay, especially since the Pacificans offered something for everyone.

Following the North Star's mission and evaluation, the Captain recommended and endorsed Pacifica's application, leading to its acceptance as a Federation member world.