USS North Sea

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"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe."
    —Carl Sagan - Ship's Dedication Quote

After the devastating events of Wolf 359, Starfleet revised its starship design philosophy to fortify its military strength. Out of this new era came several new vessels with that idea behind in mind, including the Norway-class.

A light cruiser, the USS North Sea was fitted for science and diplomatic missions. While she lacked the firepower of her sister classes, the Akira, the Saber and the Defiant, she was a jack-of-all-trades by design. The North Sea saw a number of second contact missions, acted as an escort for numerous dignitaries and aided in evacuation efforts during both the Dominion War and the Romulan crisis.


The USS North Sea was commissioned in 2371 and launched in 2373 from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. After an initial shakedown cruise under Captain Donov, the USS North Sea was tasked as a flagship during the Federation-Klingon War. The vessel operated as a mobile HQ for the Federation until the conflict ended.

2373 - 2375

During the Dominion War the USS North Sea was regulated to humanitarian duties and rarely saw combat outside a small skirmish with foolhardy pirates. Captain Donov, a Vulcan CSO prior to his promotion, was content to serve on the sidelines conducting scientific and diplomatic duties.

2375 - 2378

After Donov retired, the USS North Sea fell into the hands of Captain Ronald Ho, a veteran of the Dominion War. Ho was more than happy to steer the ship toward a purely scientific vessel and conducted numerous second-contact missions.

2378 - 2397

For nearly a decade, the North Sea became a stepping stone for commanders straight out of the academy. An unofficial training ship, she saw six command changes during that time. Likewise with the crew as the vessel became a revolving door for fresh recruits.

List of Commands from 2378 to 2397
  • Commander Hrax Trasa (Bolian)
  • Commander Edith Tickel (Human)
  • Lt. Commander Isyhraahl Ch'eraonar (Andorian)
  • Commander Edger Donohoe (Human)
  • Commander Bryce Cantrell (Human)
  • Lt. Commander Narro Udro (Betazoid)

2397 - 2400

After a minor refit in 2397, the USS North Sea welcomed Commodore Diane Newsome as its newest captain. A veteran of the Dominion War. In her 80s, Newsome’s command was typically regulated to second contact, diplomatic escort and scientific surveys. The Commodore died unexpectedly in 2400.

2400 - 2401

Without a captain, the senior officer on board, Commander Xertes Tles and Chief Engineer, was set to take command of the USS North Sea. Designated as a training vessel, the ship was unexpectedly detoured to Starbase 4 and assigned to Taskforce 72 under the Command of Captain Charlotte Fawkes. Formerly of the USS Leda, a Luna-class starship, Fawkes hoped to steer the ship into more of a lightweight explorer.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers