USS K'Ehleyr

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The USS K’Ehleyr is a Excelsior II-class heavy cruiser that currently serves as the flagship of Task Force 72. Named after a notable Federation ambassador to the Klingon Empire, the K’Ehleyr has played host to numerous trade negotiations, peace summits, and other matters of interstellar importance. It is home-ported at Starbase 72 and provides the Commander, Task Force 72 with sufficient command and control facilities to manage fleet-wide diplomatic operations from wherever they happen to be.


As a flagship, the K'Ehleyr makes full use of its flag bridge on Deck 6, which is equipped with consoles and communication equipment that allows the Commander of Task Force 72 to coordinate missions between the other ships of the task force from wherever the K'Ehleyr is. The Commander also occupies the large set of VIP quarters on the forward end of Deck 2.

Because of the ship's tactical abilities, the K'Ehleyr almost always travels without an escort, as she is able to outrun or outgun nearly any threat in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The ship embarks a half-dozen Type-11 shuttles in VIP configuration, as well as two Orion-class scouts specifically reconfigured to serve as high-speed couriers.


The K'Ehleyr was launched from Avalon Fleet Yards in 2393 under the command of Captain Karrik. After a short shake-down cruise, the ship was assigned to diplomatic operations, being a frequent carrier of ambassadors and flag officers.

Task Force 72 Flagship (2399 to Present)

Following the assignment of Task Force 72 to conduct diplomatic operations across the galaxy, the K'Ehleyr was assigned as the task force's flagship. its first assignment under this new flag was to transport Rear Admiral Thomas Belvedere to Klingon space, to negotiate with the House of Lorkoth to intercede in the Archanis Campaign against the Hunters of D'Ghor. The ship then participated in the defense of the Archanis Sector.