USS Douglas

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“Exploration is wired into our brains. If we can see the horizon, we want to know what’s beyond.”

– Buzz Aldrin

The USS Douglas (NCC-91685) is a Constitution III-class starship currently assigned to the Fourth Fleet, Task Force 72.

Construction and Launch

The original USS Douglas (NCC-1865) was refit to a Constitution II class starship from 2272 to 2275. She completed her own three and five year missions several times over. Much of her history was lost to time. In 2396 the Constitution III design process was complete. Several of the Constitution II ships and other older classes were used in building of the new constructions. The remains of the USS Douglas were located in a mothball yard by one of the intrepid design and construction teams. Elements of the original ship were incorporated into the build of the new USS Douglas (NCC-91685). She was launched on March 15, 2400 and underwent a six month shakedown cruise in which she was returned back to Avalon Yards several times to investigate issues with the systems and construction. She is cleared for duty and assigned to duty in September of 2400.


The USS Douglas was named after the preceding Constitution-class USS Douglas NCC-1865 which was active in the year 2256 and experienced action in the Federation-Klingon War of 2256-2257.

Design and Layout

The USS Douglas is a new construction built in the spirit and soul of the Constitution I and II class starships. As many parts, elements, and items from the original ship as possible were included in the construction to both honor the previous crews and their service along with the classic design that still stirs the heart of those that recognize the lines.

Deck 2

The Officer's Observatory
The Officer's Observatory

The officer's mess (or formerly the Captain's Mess) was at the front of the saucer section and featured large bay windows for the senior staff and invited guests to 'observe' out into the forward expanse. It is otherwise designed to reflect an older lounge with bar seating in the main area with breakout rooms and seating across the rest of the lounge. Two original tables from the original ship were salvaged and installed into two of the six breakout rooms. These rooms are treated with reverence and used on special occasions.

Captain's Quarters
Captain's Quarters

The room is small - a bed with a desk, console and windows facing out. Elements that were retained were the wall communication console by the door, and three framed log recorders from the original Douglas.

Deck 22

Main Engineering

Main Engineering is where the design and construction team did the most extensive work. They took the existing engineering interiors and adapted them to the 25th Century warp technology. Consoles were replaced with modern systems, and displays received up to date monitors. The existing interior on the old Douglas can be seen here.

Several original wall communication units were retained and framed at various points in main engineering.


Captain Archie Goldstone took command of the USS Douglas on 9.15.2400 and began an one year mission of exploration and investigation into the farther reaches of the Federation and beyond. They made several unique discoveries and were mostly cut off from the events of Frontier Day. Three officers were partially affected, and killed the first officer in the process before they were subdued and secured. An investigation was ordered and little progress was made. The assimilation process ended once the Borg threat is ended. It was discovered that the Chief Science officer was a changeling as she attempted to take control of the ship when the Borg threat ended. She was killed before she could murder the captain. The decision was made to continue exploration until they were due to return in September of 2400. They returned for a full debriefing. In the process, Captain Goldstone retired at the age of 65. The senior staff split up, and most of the crew requested reassignment. Very few remained.

Captain Wren Walton is assigned to the Douglas on 9.15.2401 and her crew from the USS Daedalus followed her.

Support Craft

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers

9.01.2400 - 9.01.2401: Captain Archie Goldstone

9.15.2401-Present: Captain Helena Dread