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The USS Antares is an Intrepid-class light explorer currently assigned to Arcturus Squadron as a support vessel for Olympia Station.


Antares is the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius, the name meaning "Rival to Ares," literally "the anti-Ares" in Greek ("Ἀντάρης"), because of its reddish appearance similar to that of Mars from Earth.[1] The position of the star in Scorpius lends the Antares its crest: a scorpion.

On Earth, Antares was the name of three auxiliary cargo vessels supporting the Navy of the United States of America.[2] Antares was also the name of the lunar lander of Apollo 14[3], a mission of that nation's nascent space arm, NASA, and the name for a system of expendable launch vehicles[4] in the early 21st century. Three other Federation starships and two starship classes have previously borne the name Antares:

  • USS AntaresAntares-class surveyor
    • 2240—2260 (Starfleet, transferred to Starfleet Auxiliary)
    • 2260—2266 (Starfleet Auxiliary, Destroyed)
  • USS AntaresMiranda-class light cruiser
    • 2273—2309 (Decomissioned)
  • USS AntaresAntares II-class scout
    • 2309—2379 (Decomissioned)


Antares was one of the first Intrepid-class starships ordered during the initial production run. With delays caused by the loss of Voyager and the Dominion War, she was not actually launched and commissioned until 2379.

Under the command of Captain Elizabeth Hayden, Antares conducted two five-year missions from 2379 through 2389, first in the deep Beta Quadrant beyond Klingon space and then in the rimward Alpha Quadrant.

After over twenty years of service, Antares was laid up at Avalon Fleet Yards in 2400 for a comprehensive mid-life refit. Changes included expanding the medical section and adding a large recreation facility at the aft end of decks five and six. Mainly, this refit restored all of her systems to launch-new condition and prepared her for a new chapter under the command of Captain Noah Armstrong. Antares was assigned to Arcturus Squadron and began exploratory operations in and around the Talvath Cluster in early 2401.

Antares was reassigned as a support vessel for Olympia Station on Stardate 2401.7, at the behest of now-Vice Admiral Hayden, her original commanding officer, though the ship remained under the day-to-day command of Captain Armstrong.

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