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Starfleet Federation Faction

Starfleet Training Command


  • Starfleet
  • United Federation of Planets

San Francisco, Earth

Primary Mission
  • Officer Education
  • Enlisted Training
  • Advanced Training

Vice Admiral TBD


Starfleet Training Command is a division of Starfleet Logistics responsible for initial and ongoing education of all Starfleet personnel, both officer and enlisted. This division is broken down into three areas: Starfleet Academy, Starfleet Enlisted Training Command, and Starfleet Advanced Training Command, responsible for officer, enlisted, and advanced training respectively.

Starfleet Academy

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Starfleet Academy is a full degree-granting university system, one of the most prestigious universities in the Federation. Starfleet Medical Academy and the Starfleet Law Academy are part of Starfleet Academy, reporting jointly to the Superintendent of Starfleet Academy and to the Chief of Starfleet Medical and the Starfleet Judge-Advocate General, respectively. Individuals holding degrees already can go through Officer Candidate School which assesses applicants and assigns them the appropriate training to make up the gap between their prior training and what is necessary to be commissioned as an officer.

Enlisted Training Command

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Starfleet Enlisted Training Command (ETC) consists of hundreds of enlisted training facilities across the Federation, located at most major starbases and on most Federation member worlds. Newly-enlisted members of the fleet complete a six-month basic training program in space-worthiness (zero G training, emergency procedures, etc.) as crewmen recruits. After successful completion of basic training, most spend another six months in one of six basic training programs: technician (engineering and operations), security, science, medic, or yeoman as crewman apprentices. There are also additional six-month and one-year programs offered at various technical service Academies spread around the Federation for members at the petty officer and chief petty officer levels which provide more advanced and specialized training.

Advanced Training Command

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Advanced Training Command (ATC) consists of several specialized training schools for advanced studies in a number of areas, primarily related to starship command and operational areas, rather than academic areas. As such, it does not grant degrees.

Starfleet Training Command In-Play

  • The organizational structure of Starfleet Training Command is presented here for your delight and enjoyment, but the take-away from this article is that individuals have different paths through their education and initiation into Starfleet based on their specialty and whether they are an officer or enlisted.
  • Officers go to Starfleet Academy, either for the full four years or through Officer Candidate School if they already have a degree.
  • Enlisted members go through Starfleet Enlisted Training Command, first through an Enlisted Training Center, and then possibly to one of the three Services Academies if they want/need additional training in engineering, science, security, or medicine.
  • The Advanced Training Command has programs for officers who already have established careers, giving them the training they need for specific career tracks. You go to Command School to increase your chances of becoming a starship captain. If you’re a scientist wanting to advance in that field, though, you’d go get a graduate degree from Starfleet Academy.