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Most Star Fleet vessels are designed to handle a wide range of mission types. While this allows those vessels to handle most situations encountered in the field it is not feasible to equip every ship to handle every situation. The inclusion of mission pods into the designs of several ship classes has allowed those ship classes to respond to a wide range of mission than would be normally possible.

While there are many types of mission pods available the pods listed below are examples of the most often used pods.

Mission Pod Types

  • Fabrication: Meant to be used to assist with large scale construction or repair missions the fabrication pod is equipped with industrial replicators, and machining facilities to fabricate the required parts out of preexisting materials. These pods are also equipped with tanks containing consumables for the industrial replicators and work bee storage.
  • Sensor: Equipped with lateral and long range sensors the sensor pod works to supplement the ships standard sensors. The sensor pods can be equipped with specialty sensor suites to study phenomenon not normally encountered by Starfleet vessels. This pod is often equipped with supplemental computer systems to handle the increased sensor data.
  • Tactical: The tactical pod is used to increase the offensive capabilities of the ship. Housing extra torpedo tubes and storage for extra torpedoes along with supplemental Phaser strips. The pods can also be equipped with extra shielding systems to increase the defensive capabilities of the ship equipped with the pod.
  • Medical: Equipped with extended medical facilities on par with the facilities located at a Star base the medical pod allows the ship to handle extreme medical emergency situations. The Medical pod is equipped with dedicated transporters, operating rooms, medical labs, and wards to house the patients as they recover.