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Malon Cooperative
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Malon Prime

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Oligarchic Corporate Republic


The Malon are an economically-motivated humanoid species of the Delta Quadrant's Gradin Belt. Technologically advanced, they have prioritised the wealth and infrastructure of the many affluent corporations within the Cooperative over most other personal or interstellar concerns, resulting in a tendency for difficult and dangerous work conditions and practices of interstellar waste dumping.

Political Structure

Not much is known of the Malon's government. Heads and representatives of powerful corporations appear to be the main or sole members of the Cooperative's legislature. With this authority they have jealously guarded their own interests, such as by obstructing the development of cleaner technologies due to the profit in the waste export industry. It is likely the Cooperative has regulated the use of technology and business practices within Malon space, as Malon Prime is considered one of the most beautiful planets in the quadrant. However, working conditions on Malon ships and the unrestricted waste dumping suggests there are areas of business or space where corporations do as they please in pursuit of profit.

Personal opinions of some Malon suggest there exists opposition to the Cooperative's waste dumping and poor treatment of its workers, but Starfleet does not know how much of a foothold this movement has in politics or society.

These waste-dumping practices have left them unpopular and isolated within the Gradin Belt, and Malon interstellar policy reflects this. They have demonstrated little interest in engaging with other political powers, though individual Malon ships or corporations may find some profit in business arrangements. In pursuit of waste dumping, Malon infrastructure and presence can be found over vast regions of the Delta Quadrant.


The Malon have a strong sense of civic duty and pride in their people, both of which have resulted in at least unspoken hierarchies within their society. Other species and their ways of life are considered less valuable, as the Malon have at all costs protected the beauty of their homeworld by exporting and dumping the dangerous antimatter waste produced by their technology. While the Malon as a rule attempt to find uninhabited regions for this dumping, this does not always happen and is not always respected by individual ships or corporations; the wellbeing of those people is less important than their profit, or the preservation of their homeworld.

The Malon prize this work so highly that a dangerous job in the waste export industry pays more in one contract than a Malon sculpture could earn in a year. As this risk to life and limb has been considered worthwhile by several Malon, either the waste export industry pays exceptionally well, or the arts are paid particularly poorly - perhaps both. Waste dumping is also considered a far more important civic duty to protect the homeworld, and a professional culture has developed around the work. Waste-dumping ships have their own traditions and even their own superstitions, such as the Vihaar, a mythical monster that wreaks havoc within waste export vessels.


There have been no encounters between Starfleet and a formal Malon military. As their freighters have to cover vast distances and may face opposition to their operations, they appear to be well-armed and well-protected for vessels of commerce, and are commanded by a captain with the title 'Waste Controller.' They are particularly well-shielded against anti-matter radiation and have been known to weaponise their waste against enemies. It is possible there exists no formal Malon armed forces, with security and border protection the purview of Malon corporations.

In Play

  • Malon ships in the Gradin Belt are likely to be waste export freighters, either shipping waste for dumping or scouting for new potential dumping regions. While a Malon ship may try to avoid dumping waste in an inhabited region, some Waste Controllers are too desperate or unscrupulous to care.
  • Similarly, the Malon consider themselves expert salvagers, and will likely take any opportunity to scavenge for useful or profitable technology.
  • The Malon are not aggressive as a rule, but they have little interest in or value for non-Malons. They will not hesitate to steal their technology under these salvage claims if they deem it worth their while. Similarly, several accidents have occurred in the Gradin Belt where the Malon fled accidents aboard their own ships, the resulting antimatter explosions causing massive damage to any nearby while the Malon crews saved themselves.

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