Koruku III

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Koruku III
Star system



Alpha Quadrant


Class M

  • Uäno
  • Uvor



Warm to hot






~1.3 billion


Koruku City


The planet Koruku III is an M class in the Koruku system. Currently, the planet is classified as a Phase 1 planet, Pre-Space Flight civilizations. As a comparison, Koruku III would be equivalent to Earth around the years 476–800 ce, or what many would call the Dark Ages.


  • Class: M, bordering on O.
  • System Data: Koruku III has two very small moons, Uäno and Uvor
  • Gravity: 1.1 G
  • Atmosphere: Oxygen-rich atmosphere, higher than average pressure and typically humid, with a powerful greenhouse effect. Oxygen levels aren't high enough to require protective gear but are sufficient to noticeably affect human emotions and fatigue levels.
  • Hydrosphere: 95% surface water, very diffuse. One oceanic band, with the rest being spread among Koruku III's many wetlands, rivers, lakes, and small inland seas.
  • Climate: Warm to hot, extremely humid. Minimal variation in climate zones, minor but noticeable seasonal variation.
  • Intelligent Life: Koruku (1.3 billion)
  • Culture: Spiritual, agrarian culture with considerable value placed on intelligence and science.
  • Affiliation: Unknown
  • Resources: Rich botanical resources of every kind.


Koruku III is an M-class planet with certain O-class features, such as the majority of its surface consisting of either ocean or other large bodies of water.

In terms of its geographical layout, Koruku III's surface sports one huge oceanic band that covers approximately 60% of the planet's entire surface. The five major continents that make up the planet's comparatively small landmass are split up by a number of inland oceans and channels and are themselves subdivided further by several major rivers and lakes.

The atmosphere of Koruku III is exceptionally humid and is subject to frequent rainstorms and flooding. This is also due to the planet's relatively high heat, averaging between 37°C to 45°C on most days.

Koruku III experiences increased rainfall and heat during its summer months and cooler temperatures and clearer skies during the winter. Otherwise, there is little, if any, variation between the planet's seasons.

Koruku III's five major continents (Utali, Tanato, Kormi, Käanta, and Tuuri) share relatively similar biomes in terms of flora and fauna, which typically consist of widespread rainforests and jungles and relatively small animal life.

However, Koruku III's aquatic environments are generally home to considerably larger fauna, including various species of sea serpent, shark, cetaceans, and cephalopods.

Major Events

In mid-2399, the Omega particle was detected. Dispatching the USS Trent, with Commanders Vex and Harrington, was ordered to assist in the migration of the locals ahead of Starfleet speciality teams.

After returning to Starbase 72, Harrington was placed in command of the USS Galileo and sent back to Koruku III to further investigate the ruins where a Tkon Empire device was found.