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Holy Goddess Mother’s Great Kadi State
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Kadi Home Colony (Kadi III)

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Holy College of Abbotts


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The Kadi are a spacefaring species that are native to the Delta Quadrant. A highly religious society, the Kadi follow a strict code of behaviour as part of their belief. They rarely engage with outsiders that do not respect their customs and ideology.

Supreme Abbott Tomin, Kadi leader


The Kadi government is known as the Holy Goddess Mother’s Great Kadi State. An elective theocracy government, it is ruled by a singular governing body known as the Holy College of Abbotts that is presided over by the Supreme Abbott. Members of the ruling body are senior abbotts that represent various districts across the Home Colony World (the homeworld of the Kadi). The Abbotts that serve as part of the governing body are appointed by the Supreme Abbott for life. The Supreme Abbott is then elected by the College when the Supreme Abbott either dies or believes the Goddess Mother no longer wishes for them to remain in the position.


The Kadi are warp capable but only use their technology to maintain the Home Colony and other outlying worlds that belong to them. Their technology is on par with the Federation and other neighbouring races and states.

Their fleet though is quite small, with their biggest ships no longer than two hundred meters in length. What ships they do have are either used for modest trading outside of their space, short term exploration efforts or for defence of the home system.


Kadi culture is all based around their divine deity known as the Goddess Mother who they believe protects them all. Men and women do not work together and their beliefs prevent them from over indulging with materialistic needs, this includes ensuring their food and drink is always bland in comparison to other cultures.

The Kadi undergo a number of daily rituals, including observing eight daily services of prayer. It is also important for Kadi to use purified water to keep their bodies clean.

Kadi medicine is advanced by only certain procedures and treatments that have been sanctified may be undertaken on Kadi. Along with this, if a patient is unable to give consent, then their caretaker (their legal next of kin) can give permission for them to undertake treatment.


A bipedal species, the Kadi are recognised by their large bulbous, bifurcated foreheads. Unlike other races, the Kadi do not have the enzyme in their biology that can break down alcohol, as such they are susceptible to becoming intoxicated by such beverages.

Their ageing and sexual dichotomy is comparable to humans and other prevalent races in the galaxy. Their DNA is believed to be compatible - capable of hybridisation - with most other standard humanoid races. However no Kadi has ever engaged in sexual activity with someone else from another race.


First encountered in 2375 by the USS Voyager, who successfully completed a trading agreement with them, the Kadi have not been involved in any large political events in the Gradin Belt. Remaining almost isolated, besides trading with others nearby, the 2390s changed this. With the opening and stabilising of the Barzan Wormhole by the Federation so close to Kadi space, the need to have a neutral species support them with this matter was a key one. As a result the Kadi saw the wormhole as a gift from the Goddess Mother and agreed to enter into an agreement with the Federation. In return for maintaining the verteron array station needed to keep the wormhole in the Gradin Belt, the Kadi would support Starfleet with its peaceful exploration of the area.

When Starfleet cut back how many ships it was sending to the Delta Quadrant, the Kadi remained friendly in maintaining the wormhole. Their scientific curiosity grew, this was seen as a sign of blessing from the Goddess Mother, that it was time for their people to develop further. In 2399, recently appointed Supreme Abbott Tomin (who had assessed Voyager in 2375) entered into discussions with the Federation in renewing their agreement and extending their trade talks further. The treaty was signed by Tomin and Commodore Zack Marshall-Bennet and within the Kadi agreed to allow for Starfleet to use their limited shipyards for basic maintenance. Starfleet in return would provide the Kadi with all of the latest information it collected on the region and promised to defend the Kadi if they were attacked.

The Kadi In Play

  • The Kadi have strict rules and customs when engaging with non-Kadi. If these are not followed to the letter then they will see it as a sign of disrespect, especially to the Goddess Mother.
  • The Kadi are not a big player in the Delta Quadrant. They are quite neutral with others and only engage in trade with other Delta Quadrant species. They are not a war-like race. Their beliefs prevent them from starting a conflict with one another.
  • Some of their ideology can be seen as quite conservative (e.g.: men and women do not work together in the same place) but everyone in their society is treated with equality, respect and dignity. They are very fair and good judges of character.
  • A majority of Kadi join the clerical route when they are old enough and through their studies and faith will take on other roles like teachers, lawyers and doctors as well as political leaders. Those who do not join the clergy rarely have jobs that come with a high level of responsibility.
  • Kadi science is on par with the Federation, however they have a strong sense of how religion and science can work in tandem together. Many Kadi scientists believe that their Goddess Mother gave them the opportunities to explore their scientific curiosity as way of understanding the universe that she created.