Ju'Day Class

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Federation Faction

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Class Information

Colony Defense / Raider



Date Entered Service:


Basic Stats


Cruising Speed:

Warp 5

Total Complement:


Tactical Systems
Energy Weapons:


Torpedo Launchers:



Deflector Shields


Class Information

Ventral aft view of a Ju'Day Class vessel

The Ju'Day Class was designed by the Regulon Ship Yards as a system defense vessel that could be easily maintained by the smaller colonies that are located along the borders of the Federation. Construction on the S.S. Ju'Day was started in the later part of 2322 and was launched in 2323 for a test flight with a crew of engineers from the ship yards. This flight took six months during which the various ship systems where tested and modified as needed.

The Ju'Day was officially commissioned in 2324 and was used as a demonstration vessel by the ship yards to sell the Ju'Day class to the border colones. While the class was sold well to colonies along the edges of Federation space the majority of them were sold to border colonies along the Federation / Cardassian border. It was along this border were the Ju'Day class would earn another name and with that name a place in history. That name was the Maquis Raider.

When the Maquis were founded in 2370 the Ju'Day was their ship of choice to carry out raids against Cardassian targets. The relatively small size of the Ju'Day and their ability to land planet side meant the Maquis could stage ships of this class in locations unstable for other ship classes. When this is combined with fact that the Ju'Day class was designed to be easily maintained meant that these ships could be parked on a planets surface and repaired or serviced with out the need of dedicated facilities such as a ship yard.

The Regulon Ship Yards produced the last of the Ju'Day class in 2364. Even with no new ships of this class having been produced in twenty-five years there are still many ships of this class in operation along the Federation borders.

Basic Information
  • Role: Colony Defense / Raider
  • Dimensions: 60 meters (L) x 60 meters (W) x 20 meters (H)
  • Decks: 5
  • Expected Duration: 85 years
  • Time Between Resupply: 1 year
  • Expected Refit Cycle: 5 years
Crew Complement
  • Total Crew: 23
    • 5 Officers
    • 18 Enlisted

  • Emergency Capacity: 60
  • Thrusters: RCS Thruster Packs
  • Sublight Speed: 1/3 the speed of light
  • Warp Speed
    • Cruising Speed: 5 Warp
    • Maximum Warp: 6 Warp
    • Emergency Warp: 7 Warp (for 6 hours)
  • Slipstream Capable?: No
Offensive Systems

ENERGY WEAPONS 2 Type IX phaser emitters

  • 1 Type IX phaser emitter mounted to the port wing (forward facing)
  • 1 Type IX phaser emitter mounted to the starboard wing (forward facing)


  • Two forward facing tubes
  • Two aft facing tubes


Defensive Systems
  • Shields: Deflector Shields
Primary Systems
  • Computer Systems:

Isolinear Computer System

  • Transporters:
  • 1 four-person transporter
    • Transporter Range: 40,000 Kilometers
  • Sensor Range: 20 Light years
  • Communications Range: 20 Light years
Auxiliary Craft



  • Shuttles: None

Other Notes


  • Mess hall


  • The Ju’Day class is a civilian design that was and still is used as a colony defense ship. This ship class is best known as the Maquis Raider.
  • The Ju’Day class has planetary landing capabilities

Deck Listing

Deck Details/Specifications of Deck
Deck 1
  • Antimatter pods
  • Antimatter pod ejection system
  • Subspace communications array
Deck 2:
  • Bridge
  • Engineering bay
  • Officers’ quarters
  • Computer core 1
  • Upper sensor platform
Deck 3:
  • Sickbay
  • Crew Quarters
  • Transporter Room
  • Torpedo tubes 1 and 2 (forward facing)
  • Torpedo tubes 3 and 4 (aft facing)
  • Torpedo storage
  • Impulse engines 1 and 2 (port)
  • Impulse engines 3 and 4 (starboard)
  • Deflector array
Deck 4:
  • Mess hall
  • Crew quarters
  • Computer Core 2
  • Lower sensor platform
  • Phaser monitoring station 1 (port)
  • Phaser monitoring station 2 (starboard)
  • Cargo holds 1 and 2
  • Transporter Machinery Room
  • Deuterium Storage tanks
Deck 5:
  • Landing gear
  • Planetary access hatch
  • Waste reclamation systems
  • Life support systems
  • Transporter machinery