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This article is official Bravo Fleet Official Policy.

Bravo Fleet provides a graphics service for all members of the community to enhance their experience and immersion in our canon universe. A volunteer team operates the graphics service, free of charge, to provide members with custom images tailored to specific requests. Please be patient with our volunteers, and show respect to the work of all artists in our community.

The guidelines in this policy are expected to be followed by all members of the community and may be modified at any time. Formal notice will be given when changes are made.


  • Graphics requests are submitted through the Bravo Fleet Discord.
  • Only users at or above the rank of Ensign may submit a graphics requests.
  • All requests must correspond to an active Bravo Fleet character, game, command, or other official activity.
  • Our graphics team formally supports the following requests: character avatar manipulations, game or fiction banners, and dedication plaques.
    • Members may only request one avatar/banner/plaque, regardless of era, per listed character/game/fiction attached to a BFMS dossier.
    • Character avatar requests must be of a canon Bravo Fleet species. Canon aliens may take longer to process, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee images for Gorn, Caitians, and other similar species.
  • Requests will be fulfilled depending on our volunteers’ availability, and volunteers are not required to provide a timeframe for completion.
    • Members of the graphics team will indicate which requests they have accepted, and while the team will attempt to fill all requests in the order they are received, this is not always possible. Accepting requests is at the discretion of the individual artist.
    • Volunteers have artistic license over every request, which includes the right to refuse or change requests as they see fit.
    • Members must wait 7 days between each specific type of graphics request to ensure that all members are served fairly (ex: members may not send a second character avatar request within 7 days of another request). The seven day clock starts when the previous request is fulfilled.
    • Members may not submit a second request if it directly relates to a current, incomplete request. To inquire about an unfulfilled request, members may contact the Graphics Director 7 days after the initial submission of the request.
    • Members may not ask for a second image for any request that has been fulfilled.
  • Members may provide an image attached to any request, but the graphics team reserves the right to use any image that fits their style, or that best fits the available source material images (there are very few decent on-screen reference photos for Starfleet uniforms in the ST: Picard era, for example). Our artists will do their best to match a request with the image provided.
    • Source images for character avatars must be of “celebrity” status (an actor/actress, musician, or person with a household name) or from a random AI image generator. Source images may not include photos from a social media user/influencer, a YouTuber, cosplayer, or any other person whose privacy is a concern (as determined by our volunteers). If a member provides a celebrity source image for a character, they must also provide the celebrity’s name.
  • Members may not submit a graphics request to be used as the primary submission for a competition. For example, a member cannot submit an avatar request for an avatar creation competition. Members may submit requests for images that enhance a submission, provided that the competition does not list a graphical component in its criteria. The graphics team cannot guarantee that requests will be fulfilled before a competition ends.
  • Requests are created and fulfilled through the Bravo Fleet Management System. Please do not contact any of our artists directly unless you have a question about your request. Private requests will be ignored.


The graphics provided through this policy are also governed by our Legal Policy.

Official Graphics

Official Bravo Fleet graphics (including logos, maps, banners, symbols, etc, found here: should only represent Bravo Fleet and should not be used by an external community (including external organizations or games/SIMMs/sims).

You are welcome to use our official graphics in the following ways:

  • Use a Bravo Fleet graphic to link to
  • Use a Bravo Fleet graphic to advertise your game, story, or activity within our outside our community
  • Use a Bravo Fleet graphic to provide information about your game, story, or activity
  • Use our graphics on the website or listing of your Bravo Fleet game, story, or activity

Please do not use our official graphics in the following ways:

  • Use a Bravo Fleet graphic to represent any aspect of your organization or community
  • Create a modified version of the Bravo Fleet logo
  • Integrate a Bravo Fleet graphic with your graphics
  • Sell any Bravo Fleet artwork without permission
  • Change the colors, dimensions, or add your own text/images to Bravo Fleet graphics

Graphics Requests

  • Do not use images created through Bravo Fleet’s graphics service on an external game or organization
  • Do not use an image created by the graphics service intended for another member without the original artist’s explicit permission
  • The graphics team may include a Bravo Fleet watermark, the artist’s watermark, or both on any image created. If the fulfilled image comes with a watermark, you may not crop or otherwise manipulate the image to remove the watermark

Other Members’ Graphics

  • Do not use/modify another member’s avatar without explicit permission from the original artist
  • Do not use/modify another member’s custom graphics, including uniforms, alien manipulations, or other alterations without permission from the original artist

Use of Outside Graphics

  • Do not use/modify any artist’s graphics if that artist’s use policy does not allow for it. For example, using a uniform or a face from an avatar you’ve found on DeviantArt to create your own avatar is strictly forbidden. Many repositories allow for the free reposting of their images, but it is extremely inappropriate to further modify someone else’s art.
  • If a source asks for credit, you must provide it in the text of the relevant biography/command.
  • Violations of this section of the policy may result in sanctions including suspension of a member’s ability to request graphics, suspension of a member’s ability to upload files, and/or a magistrate referral.