Eternal Light

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Eternal Light
Basic information

Anti-Federation Movement




None Identified



Major Species:
Participant Noun:



Eternal Light is a group of Raeyan anti-Federation Raeyan extremists. They have claimed responsibility for several different attacks on Hawkeye Island structures, including an officer housing building, which resulted in several deaths. More recently, they have claimed to have killed two of the most powerful Randa Islands individuals, Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan and Prime Minister Jarod Fllacti. Ironically, the Queen and Prime Minister had scheduled a meeting to formally request the Federation to leave Raeya when they were killed.

Their funding is unknown, as is their reasons behind the attack on people like the Queen and Prime Minister. However, they do remain a thorn in Starfleet's side, having caused a few dozen casualties.

General Information

  • Description: Anti-Federation Movement
  • Member Noun: Unknown
  • Member Adjective: Unknown
  • Motto: Unknown
  • Slogan: “We Are Raeyans!”
  • Headquarters: None Identified
  • Leadership: Unknown


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Known Actions

Late 2384 Successful A riot of Raeyan extremists, the Eternal Light attacked a the command building on the base. Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan also released a statement that threatening to jeopardize Federation-Raeyan diplomatic relations.
2385 Successful The Eternal Light struck again: bombing one of the officer towers and killing several people. A squadron of marines were sent, which prevented the remaining Raeyan terrorists from escaping, but the damage had already been done.
2386 Successful Eric Winters was contacted by a representative of both Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan and Prime Minister Jarod Fllacti to meet with the two important Raeyans. On his way there, the ancient castle that Sharan and her family were waiting in with Fllacti, was destroyed. Eternal Light took responsibility, adding to their ever inconsistent methods and unknown reasoning