Devore Imperium

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Devore Imperium
Basic information
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Political Information

The Devore Imperium is the authoritarian government of the Devore. The Devore have a militaristic and highly xenophobic culture; all outsiders are subjected to meticulous inspections while within Devore space. They harbored a particular prejudice against telepaths who they call, "gaharey,” as they believed that beings capable of reading minds had no concept of trust and were thus themselves untrustworthy. Any "gaharey" found within their territory were sent to detention centers, along with any individuals who may have harbored them. A planet of the Devore Imperium, located in a binary star system in Grid 315, was once home to a Vaadwaur colony. They control a substantial region of space in The Gradin Belt.

Devore Imperium Space is a fairly large area of space controlled by the Devore Imperium; including many inhabited planets and numerous space stations. Hostile towards aliens and telepaths in particular which they labeled as "gaharey". Will apprehend ships in and near their space to conduct sweeps for telepaths. Those found are sent to detention centers. The Brenari, refugees on the run from the Borg, are particularly hunted by the Devore.

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