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Deep Space 12
Grid C2, Alpha Quadrant

Alpha Quadrant

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Nor class






Deep Space Twelve is one of the most important facilities in the Federation, an economic strong hold and vitally important strategic outpost. Located on the border between the Federation and Cardassian Union, Deep Space 12 is one of four Nor class stations in service within Starfleet. (The others being Deep Space 9, Deep Space 10 and Roosevelt Station.)

Station History

Early Development

The history of Deep Space Twelve begins almost forty years ago when the station was constructed sometime around the year 2345 in orbit of Markez II by the Cardassian Union primarily for use as a mining and ore refinery to suck the uninhabited planet dry of all natural resources. The Cardassians had constructed several of these stations, some of them in orbit of inhabited planets and some in orbit of uninhabited planets to help their dwindling economy and resource deprived empire. Deep Space Twelve, originally known by it's Cardassian designation Durok Nor, was also utilized as a minimally capable tactical outpost, resupply and refit station.

The Federation fleet arriving at the station for the first time.
In 2373 several starships of the Fourth Fleet took control of Durok Nor during the Dominion War after it was abandoned by the Cardassians many years prior due to the establishment of the De-Militarized Zone. The forced retreat of the Union back to their boarders and out of the large gap of neutral territory that stood between the Union and the Federation necessitated evacuation of at least three of the mining stations that were located there. The USS Pegasus was heading back toward the Dominion front lines following an ordered shore leave around the same time the Allied fleets had pushed the Cardassians and Dominion out of 3 star systems, and in one they found the old Cardassian mining facility. The starships Pegasus, George Washington, Calidorn, Thunderchild, and Wildchild teamed up to investigate the station and occupy it as a new Federation deep space station. All main systems were brought back online within the first few weeks and the station seemed to be in fairly good condition considering it hadn't been inhabited in many years. Starfleet engineers first priority was to check the station from top to bottom following 'booby trap' incidents with Deep Space Nine and another Nor Class facility used for spare parts: Empok Nor. Durok Nor was cleared and plans began for a full refit of the station similar to her sister station, Deep Space Nine, and the crew selection was beginning.

Like Deep Space Nine, Deep Space Twelve was given all new Starfleet weapons systems with the original Cardassian ones being completed removed. Some other minor upgraded features like Starfleet LCARS systems being implemented throughout certain parts of the station in limited fashion, the main computer core was given a large refit to meet Starfleet standards and incorporate the Federation library, and replicators were upgraded to Starfleet specifications. Finally the power core was given some much needed adjustment to reflect the stations new duty as one of the most important and powerful outposts in the Federation, shedding it's old job as a ore mining facility.

Trial by Fire

The station forced to engage the Dominion shortly after it's commissioning as the newest Starfleet deep space station.
Days after the refit completion the Dominion attempted to gain control of the station considering it Cardassian property, and thusly Dominion property as a result of the Cardassians joining the Dominion. A successful defense of the station kept it in Federation hands and was considered a decisive, important win for the Allies againt the Dominion. The station was officially renamed from Durok Nor to Deep Space Twelve and a full Starfleet crew was assigned to the station with Captain Kimberley Harper taking command on November 30th, 2373 in the official commissioning ceremony. The station continued to successfully defend the Markez system as it sat in orbit of Markez II seeing two more major engagements in the war, including a full blockade of the station by the Dominion until the Third and Seventh Fleets were able to beat back the Dominion from the Markez system. Following the end of the Dominion War, Starfleet Command gave the order to move Deep Space Twelve out of orbit of Markez II. Using the process that Deep Space Nine used to move out of orbit of Bajor the station was moved out of the system into open neutral space after a full one month trip.

In late 2381 Captain Harper stepped down from command of the station leaving Vice Admiral Dan Taylor to temporarily take command until a replacement could be found. With things in the area quickly going down hill, Starfleet Command contacted Captain Selek Thri'sha to take up command. The following years were plagued with lack of production, quickly slipping diplomacy with the expeditiously rebuilding Cardassian Union and severe corruption of bribes and coercion among many of the staff members. When the situation was revealed to Starfleet Command in 2383 they ordered the then-commander of the Fourth Fleet, Admiral Robert Chadwick, to assign a new temporary base commander. Thusly, the stations command was temporarily handed over to Commander Nick Haverson who was tasked with overseeing another complete refit of the station.

This second refit of the station was just as extensive as the first. Many things had been learned from the two sister stations about incorporating and merging Cardassian and Starfleet technology; with the high priority tactical profile and overall importance of the station, a major refit and overhaul was becoming necessary. Deep Space Twelve's weapons were upgraded yet again, the original Cardassian power generators were finally replaced refitting the entire power core and allowing the station to produce much more power, most of the isolinear circuitry was replaced by bio-neural circuitry and the stations docking ports were all slightly modified to be able to service even more non-Starfleet vessels. The station, almost completely staffed with engineers for this year-long project, wasn't open for docking of outside vessels or any extra activities, and security was at it's maximum. As added extra amenities there were six more holosuites added to the station - two more on the promenade to compliment the original one already there, and four in the habitat ring. There were also two extra conference rooms added to the station which were exact replicas of the main ward room to help compliment any other meetings that my need to be held or for other diplomatic conferences.

A New Commander

Finally, in 2385, Captain Alexander Morkan and his command staff were due for reassignment when they were put in command of Deep Space Twelve with the USS Saratoga being assigned to defend the station and serve as Captain Morkan's flagship. This immediate overstep of Commander Haverson was obvious, but the new staff and crew of Deep Space Twelve had a long road ahead of them.

During their first month on board the station the crew were running into several apparent unforeseen problems with the meshing of the new Starfleet refits and the original Cardassian systems. The crew were also still adjusting to the original Cardassian computer displays which were somewhat different from the standard Starfleet LCARS. Still trying to push to complete the refits before the return of Admiral Teylas Ramar, the Fourth Fleet Commander who had stationed his flag and office on Deep Space Twelve, the crew were finding themselves all pitching into the engineering efforts and working deep into the night. Shortly after midnight of the second night the entire station locked itself up sealing off all the major sections of the station from one another, and shielding the station from the outside world by cutting off communications, sealing up all docking ports, raising shields and disabling transporters. When a critical Cardassian-designed virus was found in the stations base coding the only option was for a forced shutdown of the stations main computer by physically removing the power generators from the power core and rewriting the base code to remove the malicious virus. The attempt was successful and the station was brought back up to complete working efficiency at one hundred percent. The Cardassian ship believed to have planted the virus via the new bio-neural gel packs was identified. Although the crew held no hope of catching them and holding them responsible for their actions. In part but mostly due to the strained ability to get in contact with the Cardassian military in any official channel short of violating their space.

Iconian Interlude

A few months after the crew arrived on board the station they were involved in a large discovery during a return voyage from Starbase 56 on the Saratoga. Picking up strange readings the captain ordered the Saratoga to alter course to investigate. While en route the crew received a communication from the source of the readings: an ancient Iconian starbase which was seemingly under the control of dangerous, opportunistic pirates. The Saratoga arrived and docked with the station to unload an away team to investigate. Meanwhile, the Saratoga was forced to undock and enter into combat with two pirate vessels near the station which were supposed to stand guard for the leadership of the group taking control of the station. Making quick work of the two much older pirate vessels the Saratoga redocked with the station and awaited word from the away team being led up by Commander Lair and Colonel Krezek.

After nearly half a day out of communications with the away team, Captain Morkan finally decided to gather up as many security-trained personnel on the Saratoga and infiltrate the station himself. Upon arriving inside the captain realized what the away team had realized many hours before - the main facility of the enormous Iconian starbase wasn't the high tech Iconian command center they were expecting, but rather a bio-dome supporting a sprawling pre-industrial civilization of Iconian people. For kilometers the only thing visible were villages, larger town center's, farm land and beautiful blue sky filled with an artificial sun.

Meeting up with the earlier away team the captain was fully informed of the situation: the station is really a large experiment of the Iconians to some day build up enough energy to "heal" the degrading of the molecular cohesion of the universe that Federation scientists had theorized for centuries. The station had build up the necessary energy millennium ago, but the inhabitants of the station who were originally tasked with carrying out the plan had seemingly forgotten their original plan and reverted back to a simpler life style. After the away team worked together with the more primitive native Iconian farmers to repel the pirates. A rather easy task given the numbers game, but the hard part was to come.

While Colonel Krezek took command of the Saratoga, the rest of the senior staff remained to continue working with the Iconians to solve the original puzzle to which the station was created. Captain Morkan, Lair, Downe and Bancroft all worked together to solve the puzzle. As the weeks went by they grew closer and closer, meanwhile fixing some of the stations other systems including a highly advanced cloaking system which phased the station into a pocket of subspace; where the station would return to after they were done to never be discovered again. The cloaking system failing is the only reason the pirates had found the station in the first place, and the captain didn't want that to be a possibility again. Finally, after three weeks of working at the problem with the data already collected by the station they were able to solve the problem. In a brilliant flash the cohesion of the universe was stabilized in a seemingly unnoticeable procedure to anyone else.

As they were leaving the station, dubbed "Pharos Station", the crew parted ways with their newer Iconian friends knowing full well they'd never see them again. Showing them how to use some of the basic functions of the station, the inhabitants decided to continue their simpler ways of life. The Saratoga undocked from the station and used the remote command code they installed to force the station to phase-cloak back into sub space and obscurity from the rest of the galaxy. Ensuring that the secret would stay safe Captain Morkan and his senior staff briefed Admiral Ramar on what happened upon returning to Deep Space Twelve, and they all agreed that only two people would retain the command code to uncloak the station: Captain Morkan himself, and his first officer Commander Lair. They also agreed that this would be one discovery not relayed to Starfleet Command.

The Borg and the Dominion

Deep Space Twelve defends itself against a misinformed Dominion sleeper-cell.
Upon returning to the station things were rather mundane and simple for a few weeks until Captain Morkan was personally ordered on a mission with Commander Lair to infiltrate a heavily damaged Borg sphere to obtain a data node which included all Borg vessel locations within a thousand light years. Choosing Captain Morkan because of his previous experience with the Borg, having been temporarily assimilated for a few days before being rescued by his command staff, he wasn't looking forward to the mission and personally requested to Lair that she join him. Accepting the request, the two embarked on the USS Templar to intercept the Borg vessel and retrieve the data node. Making a quick infiltration and extraction the mission was successful, but the mental stress on the captain was blatantly obvious and not even his genius level intelligence was capable of helping him cope.

While operations continued to return to normal and run smooth after the return of the captain and first officer from their recon mission to the heart of the Borg, things were starting to brew their way. A Dominion sleeper-cell sent during the height of the war when the possibility that the Dominion would be cut off from the Alpha Quadrant by the Bajoran wormhole used several shortcuts and more advanced Dominion technology to transverse nearly 30,000 light years from the outer edges of Dominion space to Deep Space Twelve. Mistaking it for Deep Space Nine, thinking the station simply moved positions, and believing that the war is still on going due to being out of contact with the Founders, the Dominion sleeper-cell fleet engages the station.

In mid-2386, after just over a year in command of the station, Captain Morkan and his staff were reassigned to the USS Yorktown. A new interim staff were chosen to take over the stations command duties temporarily.

Uncertain Times

In 2388, Quatal Prime, a Cardassian world ceded to the Federation as part of the Treaty of Bajor, was brutally attacked by an unknown power. Evidence hinted at Cardassian involvement, but the Cardassian Union denied these allegations. Deep Space 12 reached out to the colony to provide assistance to the survivors, and began to aid in rebuilding the colony. A band of pirates soon claimed responsibility, and lashed out against DS12's crew, attempting to assassinate key officers, including the station's XO, Colonel Wolfric Bannister. These attempts were unsuccessful.

Following Deep Space 7's destruction, Deep Space 12 was also flooded with refugees, colonists who'd left their homes in the Inconnu Expanse behind, hoping for a safer life within Federation borders.