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Club-wide events are events put on during the year for the benefit of all Bravo Fleet members by members of Bravo Fleet Command. There are three types, and each of them is a multi-week event. Fleet Actions are the more important events of the year, and only occur once, with special awards and opportunities for fast advancement. Campaigns are less of a production than Fleet Actions, but bring the whole fleet together to share in a coordinated storyline. Operations occur between the other event types and are the least formal.

Fleet Actions

Main Article: Fleet Action

Fleet Actions are annual events that include several sub-events (or phases), each of which has several competitions. These events are the highlight of the yearly calendar, and are the only opportunity to earn some award types (Starfleet Stars and Challenge Coins). They are meant to be a way of enabling members to rack up a lot of activity in a short period of time, and activity is encouraged through friendly competition between both members and units, with overall winners being declared at the end based on a points system. Fleet Actions are run by members of the Bravo Fleet Senior Staff at the direction of the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer.


Main Article: Campaign

Campaigns feature a single fleet-wide storyline that all members are invited to participate in using their own ships or bases. Put on by the Intelligence Office, they offer several different angles into a larger story to allow members to pursue their own adventures, while also contributing to a larger narrative. One campaign occurs annually during the Fleet Action and shares its name, and other are put on as stand-alone events during other parts of the year. Participation in a campaign that occurs outside of a Fleet Action is rewarded with a campaign badge, which is a purely decorative memento.


Main Article: Operation

Operations are coordinated through the Operations Office and consist of several rounds of competitions organized by one or more Task Force(s). Unlike Fleet Actions, they are not also accompanied by a campaign. Generally, they are slotted into parts of the year that are slower (such as late fall and early winter) between other club-wide events to offer ways for members to keep up their activity levels, without the intensity of a campaign or fleet action. While there has been one formal operation and one operation-like event put on by the Intel Office, there have been multiple other unnamed operations which took the part of coordinated TF-led event weeks.