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This page lists all Federation starships that are available for members to request as commands in the current era of Bravo Fleet, the early 25th-century. For information on how to request a command and which ships are available at which ranks, consult the Command Policy. While all of these classes are in service, not all of them are still in production, so consult the individual article for specific production dates. Information about older vessels can be found in the Retired Federation Starships category.


Heavy Explorers

Heavy explorers are the largest vessels in Federation service, capable of extended duration missions outside of Federation space as the centerpiece of a formation of other explorers and support vessels, equivalent to the dreadnoughts of other powers.
Odyssey-class heavy explorer


Explorers are very large vessels, capable of independent deep-space missions outside of Federation space, often supporting smaller vessels, equivalent to the battleships of other powers.
Constitution III-class explorer
Galaxy-class explorer
Ross-class explorer
Vesta-class explorer


Emissaries are a sub-type of explorers fitted out for diplomatic and humanitarian duties, including complex, high-stakes negotiations and delicate first contact missions. They tend to trade some degree of armament for diplomatic and communications facilities, but otherwise remain capable of the same missions taken on by other explorers.
Ambassador-class emissary
Obena-class emissary

Light Explorers

Light explorers are cruiser-sized starships capable of independent deep-space missions outside of Federation space, often working in concert with larger explorers and helping identify exploratory missions for follow-up by scouts and surveyors.
Intrepid-class light explorer
Luna-class light explorer
Sagan-class light explorer


Exploratory Cruisers

Exploratory cruisers are large cruisers capable of independent exploration with less range than explorers and are more tactically capable than heavy cruisers, often used for show-the-flag cruises of the Federation and equivalent to the battlecruisers of other cultures.
Inquiry-class exploratory cruiser
Nebula-class exploratory cruiser
Sovereign-class exploratory cruiser

Heavy Cruisers

Heavy cruisers are generalist starships capable of undertaking any of Starfleet's core missions on behalf of the Federation, generally within Federation space.
Akira-class heavy cruiser
Alita-class heavy cruiser
Excelsior II-class heavy cruiser

Light Cruisers

Light cruisers are generalist starships capable of undertaking any of Starfleet's core missions on behalf of the Federation, generally within Federation space.
Cheyenne-class light cruiser
Duderstadt-class light cruiser
Echelon-class light cruiser
Norway-class light cruiser

Research Cruisers

Research cruisers are cruiser-sized science vessels with the capability to carry out indefinite scientific missions, within or near Federation space on their own or in deep space with escorts, as they lack tactical abilities.
Olympic-class research cruiser
Sutherland-class research cruiser

Utility Cruisers

Utility cruisers are large support vessels that carry out engineering support, scientific, and low-level diplomatic functions within Federation space.
California-class utility cruiser
Parliament-class utility cruiser


Heavy Escorts

Heavy escorts, sometimes known as tactical cruisers, are large tactically-capable vessels geared towards leading groups of smaller escorts and frigates and performing deep space reconnaissance and tactical missions.
Gagarin-class heavy escort
Manticore-class heavy escort
Prometheus-class heavy escort


Escorts are small tactically-capable vessels that are designed to both literally escort more vulnerable starships and to perform other tactical missions near to their home ports or motherships.
Aquarius-class escort
Defiant-class escort


Heavy Frigates

Heavy frigates are mid-sized starships designed to lead frigate groups and support them with greater engineering capabilities.
Edison-class heavy frigate
Steamrunner-class heavy frigate


Frigates are small generalist starships that carry out missions of all types within Federation space, but which are geared primarily for patrol, escort, and customs enforcement roles.
New Orleans-class frigate
Reliant-class frigate

Exploratory Support Vessels

Science Vessels

Science vessels are medium-sized vessels that carry advanced scientific equipment on missions both inside and outside of Federation space; they are larger than surveyors and smaller than research cruisers.
Centaur II-class science vessel
Pathfinder-class science vessel
Springfield-class science vessel


Surveyors are small starships designed for long-term, intensive studies of interstellar objects, planets, and star systems.
Grissom-class surveyor
Nova-class surveyor


Scouts are small, fast starships used for reconnaissance and courier missions within and outside of Federation space, often travelling ahead of explorers.
Challenger-class scout
Osler-class scout
Rhode Island-class scout
Saber-class scout


Corvettes are very small starships designed to move mission teams from one location to another operating out of starbases.
Phoenix-class corvette
Raven-class corvette