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Bravo Fleet Academy

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Bravo Fleet Academy is an out of character training service for Bravo Fleet players. It exists to enable players to gain new skills and improve their existing knowledge base in a variety of areas incidental to playing in Bravo Fleet. The Academy is presently undergoing redevelopment, however the Command Academy is currently operational and able to be taken on our Moodle site.

Academy Staff

Position BFMS Discord Wiki RSB Took Office
Bravo Fleet Academy Officer
Command Adjutant

Bravo Fleet Faculty

The Bravo Fleet Faculty is responsible for training players and Commanding Officers within the Fleet. They guide students through the Academy's curriculum.

The following users are members of our Faculty:

Position Courses BFMS Discord Wiki RSB Took Office
Dean of Faculty COs, Players
Faculty Instructor COs, Players Vacant - - - -

Curriculum Development Team

The Curriculum Development Team is responsible for developing and maintaining all curriculum related to the Fleet's Academy. They develop courses for both players and Commanding Officers.

The following users are members of our Faculty:

Position Courses BFMS Discord Wiki RSB Took Office
Curriculum Director COs, Players - - - -
Curriculum Developer COs, Players Vacant - - - -

Course Catalogue

The Academy will offer Bravo Fleet Members in character and out of character courses. In character courses are primarily intended to improve players knowledge of the Star Trek canon and confidence in writing fiction set in the Star Trek Universe. The out of character courses are designed to enable players to improve their transferable skills and acquire position specific knowledge. The curriculum is presently undergoing development. Its progress may be charted on Relay Station Bravo where contributions are welcome.