USS Horizon

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USS Horizon











Extended Range Explorer

Task Force

Task Force 72


Alpha Quadrant

Commanding Officer

Captain Treylana Hess

Executive Officer

Commander Phil Nichols

USS Horizon Dedication Plaque

The USS Horizon, is a newly commissioned Resolute class heavy cruiser, built as a modern replacement for the long-serving Excelsior class cruiser. Designed with many well-tested technologies, the Horizon and all of it’s sister ships were intended to replace the Excelsior as Starfleet’s standard ship-of-the-line, handling routine duties and patrols alongside the Reliant class light cruiser that it complements. Under the command of Captain Treylana Hess, she tasked with diplomatic and peacekeeping missions in areas such as the Alpha and Delta quadrants as a part of the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 72.

Operational History

Currently stationed at Earth Spacedock, the Horizon is yet to set out on her maiden voyage while the captain and her crew take on some much needed R&R and transfer personnel after their recent mission in the Delta Quadrant forcing the USS Atlantia to return home for a much needed refit.

Notable Crew

  • Executive Officer - Commander Phil Nichols a Human cisgender straight male from Houston, Texas, United States of America, Earth
  • Chief Flight Control Officer - Lieutenant Kalela Tucker a Human genderfluid demisexual female from Johannesburg, South Africa, Earth
  • Chief Medical Officer - Commander Allan Brant M.D., Ph.D. a Human cisgender straight male from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Earth

The Event Horizon

Aptly named for it's location at the outermost sections on the port side of deck seven The Event Horizon, run by an eccentric Bolian by the name of Serindra Dott, is the sole dining and event lounge on the ship excluding the captain's private dining lounge, and serves as the primary location for large social gatherings, formal events and dining.

Two sets of doors, one set each on the starboard bow and stern side, are the only ways into or out of the establishment. Situated on the opposite side of the room from the six large port-facing windows sits the bar capable of accommodating an average capacity of 125 persons, with a maximum capacity of 175. The bar, with it's modular design can easily be stowed away to allow for live musical entertainment or theatrical performances in addition to providing increased room in emergency situations such as evacuations or large scale medical incidents, thanks to it's independent environmental control system.

Whilst configured for normal operation, and thanks to it's equipped holographic emitters, a waterfall fountain serves as the centerpiece and easily configurable flora decorate the outer perimeter based on the event taking place.

Serindra prides herself in promoting The Event Horizon's round the clock accessibility thanks to her dedicated staff.

Auxiliary Craft