USS Heracles

From Bravo Fleet
USS Heracles
Registry NCC-80555
Class Argonaut
Affiliation Starfleet
Status Active
Role Light Cruiser/Light Carrier
Task Force Task Force 72
Quadrant *Alpha Quadrant
Commanding Officer Captain Vausees Vax

The USS Heracles is an Argonaut-class starship assigned to Task Force 72. It is currently under the command of Captain Vausees Vax.


Starbase 11

Establish a Federation presence by patrolling the space between the Cardassian and Klingon borders. USS Heracles ended up finding out about a deep corruption; between a Federation Captain Munez and a Vice Admiral Bettencourt. Both ended up being brought up on charges of Treason.

Archanis Operations

The USS Heracles is ordered to the Federation-Klingon border in response to a rogue Klingon faction known as "The Hunters of D'Ghor." The USS Heracles responds to a distress beacon on Archanis V, where a D'Ghor fleet has bombarded the local populace from orbit. The D'Ghor fleet is not in orbit or in the area when the crew of the USS Heracles arrives.

While on the surface, the USS Heracles is attacked by a smaller fleet of D'Ghor ships, three Birds-of-Prey, one of which is commanded by Captain Klothost K'gox and named Khoshtom. The Heracles has been severely damaged and must flee to Deep Space K-7, leaving the ship's Captain, Vausees Vax, and an away team led by her stranded on the surface. Lieutenant Commander Trever Nief is now in command of the Heracles and serves as Acting Captain.

During the time Vausees and the away team are stranded, they come across the colony's survivors, led by a woman named Sara. Later, the survivors and the away team are attacked by a D'Ghor ground force that has been transported to the surface, while the survivors and the away team are held up in a building.

Captain Vausees and the away team fight the D'Ghor from the rooftop in support of Sara and the remaining survivors. Captain Vausees and Ensign Zyvia descended to the building's second floor. While defending the second floor from the D'Ghor, a lone Klingon, named Atsak Runtoh of house Runtoh announced himself to be the Commander of the ground forces and a Captain for the Hunters of D'Ghor. Vausees is given an ultimatum by the Klingon Captain to leave or face further attack from the D'Ghor ground forces. Vausees declines and the Klingon Captain is transported off the planet a short time later after Vausees warns him, with a phaser rifle bolt into the ground at his feet.

A short time later, the ruined city was bombarded by the D'Ghor fleet, which was high in orbit above Archanis V. Captain Vausees Vax and Commander Trance Nief were both injured during the bombardment. Commander Trance Nief, sadly, perished as a result of her injuries. When Vausees discovered this, she was devastated, and it also enraged her. She questioned the honor of the rogue Klingon Captain, prompting him to transport himself and two attack units to the surface of Archanis V. While on the surface, Vausees and the remaining survivors, as well as the away team, fought off the attack units until Atsak appeared.

Acting Captain Trever Nief had the USS Heracles repaired, rearmed, and refitted with Valkyrie fighters during this time. He returned the Heracles to Archanis V and attacked the D'Ghor fleet in orbit, crippling all but one vessel as it fled.

Captain Vausees informed Atsak of this information, and the D'Ghor captain was forced to surrender. Atsak conceded defeat. Commander Zazzuit apprehended him after Captain Vax collapsed from her injury. She was transported to Sickbay, where she is currently stable.

The colonists of Archanis V were informed that the Fourth Fleet would be in contact with them on a regular basis to ensure that no further attacks occurred.

The USS Heracles has been directed to return to Earth.

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