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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

Federation Faction Starfleet

Below are the official Bravo Fleet Starfleet ranks.

Flag and Officer

Rank Short Image
Fleet Admiral FADM or FAdm A5-1.png
Admiral ADM or Adm A4-1.png
Vice Admiral VADM or VAdm A3-1.png
Rear Admiral RADM or RAdm A2-1.png
Commodore CMDRE, Cmdre, CMDR, Cmdr, CMDOR, Cmdor, CDOR or Cdor A1-1.png
Fleet Captain FCAPT or FCapt O6a-1.png
Captain CAPT or Capt O6-1.png
Commander CDR, Cdr, CMDR or Cmdr O5-2.png
Lieutenant Commander LCDR, LCdr, LTCDR, LtCdr, LTCMDR or LtCmdr O4-1.png
Lieutenant LT or Lt O3-1.png
Lieutenant J.G. LTJG, LtJG, LT(JG) or Lt(JG) O2-1.png
Ensign ENS or Ens O1-1.png


Rank Short Image
Master Chief Petty Officer MCPO E9.png
Senior Chief Petty Officer SCPO E8.png
Chief Petty Officer CPO E7.png
Petty Officer 1st Class PO1 E6.png
Petty Officer 2nd Class PO2 E5.png
Petty Officer 3rd Class PO3 E4.png
Crewman CN E3.png
Crewman Apprentice CA E2.png
Crewman Recruit CR E1.png

Academy Cadets

Rank Short Image
Senior Cadet CDT4 or CDT(SR) C4-1.png
Junior Cadet CDT3 or CDT(JR) C3-1.png
Sophomore Cadet CDT2 or CDT(SO) C2-1.png
Freshman Cadet CDT1 or CDT(FR) C1-2.png

Departmental Colors

Starfleet utilises three uniform colours to distinguish between departmental assignment. While the assignment of departments such as Intelligence may vary depending on assignment and duties, these largely remain consistent across Starfleet vessels.

Department Color
Flight Control
Strategic Operations


Credit for the Officers' ranks goes to Bravo Fleet. Credit for the NCO ranks goes to Kuro, of Kuro-RPG.