Starbase Bravo Mission Briefings

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This article is an Out of Character article relevant to Starbase Bravo.

Missions aboard Starbase Bravo always have been, and continue to be, member-led.  Typically, SBB's quarterly missions offer opt-in suggestions or background events that players can participate in over months at a time.  No one member's stories, or mission scenarios, cause enough disaster or chaos to interfere with every other player's ability to write about any subplot or personal story of their choice.

In addition to the overarching missions of 2401, Q2 introduced Mission Briefings.  Each briefing is a unique story concept developed by the Academy department in partnership with the Intelligence and Operations departments.  Mission Briefings identify scenarios, antagonists, locations and mission objectives that should be included and accomplished within each mission.  Groups of players can claim each of the Mission Briefings and they will have dedicated Starbase Bravo missions created for posting their relevant stories.  Each mission's outcome will be decided by the members telling the stories themselves, given considerations and options usually provided by the Academy department.

2401 Q2 Mission Briefings

Gomthree Has Something to Say

Gomthree, the offspring of Gomtuu, is one of the more wondrous neighbours of Starbase Bravo. With a migratory route that takes it between the Paulson Nebula and the Mellstoxx System, attempts at communication have been authorised. A science team is currently exploring telepathic communication with Gomthree, an attempt that has yielded some... unexpected results.

Briefing: You must assemble a team to complete a science mission to attempt communication with Gomthree during its migratory route. (One of your team members should include a Starfleet officer from a telepathic species.) However, even though Gomthree appears to be a creature of habit, and thus far has used the same route to travel, this time it has not. It has deviated from its normal course and your orders have changed to find out why, and whether Gomthree is in danger.

Conscientious Objection

(Assigned to Lieutenant Commander Peri Anya)

After the horror of Frontier Day in 2401, there’s a lot of cleaning up to do. Rather than breaking out the mops and buckets, a crack team of medical, science, engineering or security officers have been tasked with implementing the transporter treatment developed by Starfleet Command to remove the Borg DNA from all the younger officers aboard Starbase Bravo. But some aren’t so willing to step onto the pad...

Briefing: You must assemble a team of officers assigned to the Borg DNA removal team, with specialities in a combination of medical, science, engineering, and security. Given the nature of the threat and with the recent events fresh in everyone’s minds, this is a high-stress assignment, and all four departments are working closely together to ensure the mission is completed quickly. However, much to your team’s surprise, there are some young officers that are refusing treatment...

Liberated Pursuit

Since the preparations for Frontier Day, a pack of six Tosk have been seen passing through the Promenade. The Operations department and Diplomatic Affairs have no records of them booking transport to, nor registering quarters aboard, the starbase.  The Tosks' interactions with the starbase crew has been secretive and respectful in their search for food, information and passage on transport back to the Gamma Quadrant.  However, without intergalactic currency or identification credentials, they have been frustrated by their limited success.  

After Frontier Day, a starship of more than a dozen of the Tosk's militarized Hunters arrived at Starbase Bravo. Their search of the Promenade was similarly respectful, if frustrated, when they could not locate any of the Tosk.  The Hunters remained in public areas and followed all of Starfleet's security protocols for the first couple of days until they caught sight of their first Tosk. Since then, the Hunters have drawn their concealed energy crossbows and begun firing them right through the crowded promenade to hunt the Tosk pack!

Briefing: You must assemble a cross-functional first response team to protect the promenade from becoming collateral damage between the Hunters and the Tosk.  The team may include security, medical or maintenance department officers as first responders to the Hunters openly attacking the Tosk on the promenade.  Also consider assigning deck officers, diplomatic officers, intelligence officers or social sciences officers to negotiate with the Hunters and/or the Tosk into safely parting Starbase Bravo for good!

First Contact In Practice

Operating out of a starship bridge simulator aboard Starbase Bravo, a team of Starfleet Academy cadets have been assigned a week-long simulation of a first contact scenario.  Day one begins with encountering a warp-capable starship crewed by an unfamiliar insectoid species whose name translates to Loxypha in Federation Standard.  As the cadets commence formal negotiations with the Loxypha, the commissioned officer observing the simulation notices that the holographic Loxypha aren't behaving the way they were programmed to behave!

Briefing:  You must assemble a crew of cadets from the Mellstoxx III Starfleet Academy to participate in the simulation as a bridge crew, engaging in a mission of first contact.  These cadets may be members of Cadet Squadron Bravo or a combination of cadets from different years and classes.  Between one and three commissioned officers can also be assigned to oversee the simulation.  With an appropriate specialty, one of the officers may be evaluating the cadets' performance in the simulation, and the others will be acting as observers, invigilators or mentors to the cadets.  However, remember that the cadets are in command of the simulation starship.  The commissioned officer (or, if no commissioned officers participate, the cadet commanding officer) will investigate why the simulation has gone off-script and must decide if they will tell the cadets about the malfunction or allow them to continue first contact.