Proteus System

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This file represents the imagery of Proto II and its moon Protous IV.
Proteus System
Major powers

Romulan Star Empire

Points of interest
  • Proto II
  • Protous IV (Proto II Moon)
  • Ice mines (Protous IV - Moon of Proto II)

The Proteus System is located in the Velorum Sector of the Romulan Star Empire, near the Velorum Nebula and in between Psi Velorum III, and Delta Velorum. Occupied by Romulans until the 2390s when a majority of the Romulan sectors formally called for independence.



Proteus was discovered during a reconnaissance of the Velorum Nebula following the Earth-Romulan Wars and during the Romulans Empire's "first isolation" as it stretched its frontiers. The Romulan survey team was initially drawn to Proteus' extremely rich Trilithium reserves, which led to the decision to establish a small colony on the surface of Proto II. It wasn't until a second survey team, sent from the planet's starter colony, was sent to the nearby moon that they discovered the planet's moon was made up of mostly ice. The Romulans considered creating a more permanent colony when this information was relayed to Romulus. On Proto II due to its rich Trilithium reserves and Protous IV due to its ice. A Reman workforce was dispatched to the planet and moon to begin claiming the ore and ice.

Late-21st Century

While most of the Remans’ were sent off to the Dilithium mines, those on Proto II that were not rounded up were kept busy with producing Trilithium for the Romulan weapon foundries. The ice production was halted during this time and the Reman on the Protous IV were forgotten about as the Romulan overseers left the moon to return back to Romulus.

23rd Century

It wasn’t until the “Second Isolation” that the Proteus System was brought back into the light of the Romulan eye. Proto II, while still producing Trilithium for the Romulans had all but been forgotten about until the isolation. When the Empire began to aggressively expand its territories once more. Protous IV was looked into again and the ice once more needed. The Reman were again sent to the ice mines to dig up the much-needed ice.

The Dominion War in the late 23rd century is what caused the Romulans to scale up their production of Trilithium in preparations for the Romulan Star Navy’s eventual entry into the war. Reman pit bosses scaled up the output of Trilithium when their Romulan bosses requested it during the beginning of the Dominion War. With the entry of the Romulans into the Dominion War did the treatment in the mines become its worst in Proto II. Reman workers were forced into longer and harder work, which caused a lot of the Reman to fall victim to being overworked and underfed, which in turn caused a lot of death among the Reman.

24th Century

The destruction of Romulus and Remus and the fracturing of the Romulan Empire caused many of the Remans on Proto II and Protous IV to being to voice out for independence. Especially once word of how a Reman pit boss named Resak. One Reman in the main Trilithium mine on Proto II caused a riot that cascaded over into several of the secondary mines. Soon the entire planet was engulfed in a civil war, both sides neither gaining nor losing footholds on the planet.

It wasn’t until Simix, an ore transporter, and Viktor, a Romulan Overseer for Proto II came to terms that since the “Old Romulan Empire” was not able to protect either of them that they needed to come together and protect the system. As rumors of piracy, marauding, and slavery were starting to pour in from the outlining sectors and systems.


With the backing of a majority of the populations on Proto II and its moon, Protous IV, Simix was appointed the Governor of the Proteus System. Most of the systems that the Romulans had in place before the fall of the Empire, Proteus, were kept. The only changes that happened were that the miners were paid a fair wage, given time off, and a voice within the government.