Hathaway Squadron

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Originally consisting of starships assigned to the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 17, Hathaway Squadron was centered around its flagship, the USS Hathaway, one of the fleet's only Sagan-class starships.

Squadron Composition

Formed just days before Frontier Day 2401, Hathaway Squadron was composed of two starships and a starfighter squadron housed on the flagship itself. The composition of vessels assigned to the squadron was such that virtually any objective can be completed, whether within the confines of Federation space, or far from safety in far-flung areas of the known galaxy.

  • USS Hathaway, a Sagan-class light explorer. One of only a dozen vessels commissioned and the squadron flagship, Hathaway is a highly versatile, state-of-the-art exploration vessel widely considered to be one of the most advanced starships in the fleet. She played a prominent role in several engagements during the recent Lost Fleet invasion of the Deneb Sector. At the conclusion of the conflict, Hathaway was due to arrive at Earth for the Frontier Day festivities, but engine trouble prevented her arrival. Whilst repairs were completed and the crew took the opportunity to conduct several training exercises, the ship intercepted the Jupiter signal and fell victim to the Frontier Day disaster.
  • USS Arimathea, a Centaur II-class science vessel. Arimathea was due to be decommissioned at the end of the year, but recent crises caused Starfleet to rethink the policy. Whilst undergoing her latest refit at the Avalon Fleet Yards, the ship was struck by the Jupiter signal and, like Hathaway, she fell victim to Frontier Day events.