Great Houses

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Klingon Faction

There are over a score of Great Houses in the Klingon Empire, each with a representative sitting in the ruling High Council. Between them they oversee the territory of the Empire, advise the Chancellor, and each Great House is responsible for a department of the government. Most have vassal houses sworn to them, who may oversee any responsibility from a traditional role performed by their family to ruling system or even sectors in their name.

House of Kuura

Leader: Tohmogh, son of Kuu'Mas

Throneworld: Kuura Prime, Kuura System

Territory: Kuura, Antaak, Mempa, Qoral-Sha

The House of Kuura consolidated the remnants of the fallen House of Duras, taking their place in the High Council. To prove their loyalty to the Empire, they dispatched any leaders of their banner houses who still held an affinity for the glory days of the House of Duras.

In Play

  • Still eager to prove themselves to the rest of the Empire, the Kuura actively oppose the Mo’Kai who would weaken the stability of the Empire or commit treason against it.
  • The Kuura are active in the Raeyan Triangle and the Azure Nebula.
  • They are likely to engage the Hunters of D’Ghor on sight as they view them as treacherous cowards without honour.

House of Wov'Sech

Leader: Atumeht, daughter of Amuk’Dis

Throneworld: Ku’Sech, Sech System

Banner Houses: House of Ha’Tor, House of K'Var

Territory: Sech, Ha’Toria, Narendra, Beta Thoridor

The House of Wov’Sech has been a Klingon Great House for several centuries and controls territory bordering the Romulan Republic and the Raeyan Triangle, including the Beta Thoridor dilithium mines. Their influence has waxed and waned over the years but their position has remained steady largely due to the shrewdness of their house leaders.

Since their admission to the High Council, they have survived by managing to align themselves with the right factions in power. What the House of Wov’Sech lacks in warrior manpower, they make up for with resources and considerable wealth acquired over the centuries. Their forces are largely deployed to defend their assets and holdings throughout their territory, both from enemies without and within the Empire. Tensions between the Wov’Sech and the Mo’Kai have recently begun heating up, with the Wov’Sech being opposed to L’kor’s attempts to sway the Empire to the Old Ways.

During the 23rd century, they fielded the Sech-class battlecruiser that was used by several Great Houses during the Federation-Klingon War of 2256-2257.

In Play

  • Though not to be underestimated, this house relies less on brute force acquisition outside of the Empire and instead has become known for conducting trade with neighbouring minor powers around the Raeyan Triangle.
  • Merchants from this house can be found on Nimbus III.
  • Wov’Sech forces will engage the Hunters of D’Ghor if they encounter them near their territory.

House of Lorkoth

Leader: Kaltorok, son of Alraghk

Throneworld: MeH’Jach, Jach System

Territory: Jach, Qa’Jach, Changh, Gorkon, Jej’Ha, Daspu, No’Mhat

Formerly known as the House of Makok, the House of Lorkoth rose out of the ashes of the House of Makok following the assassination of Chancellor Azetbur in 2311, who in turn inherited the chancellorship from her father Chancellor Gorkon in 2293. The influence of the house faded considerably after 2311, but by the mid 24th century it had reasserted its status as a formidable Great House.

In Play

  • The House of Lorkoth still values diplomacy as the Makok did, and it’s not unusual to find Klingon diplomats from House Lorkoth or one of their banner houses.
  • Their forces can be found patrolling travel routes around the Gamma Hydrae Nebula and the Federation-Klingon border near Carnac and Starbase Georgiou.

House of Maghgath

Leader: Moqugh, son Ja’doq

Throneworld: Ha’Maghgath, Bah’Magh System

Territory: Bah’Magh, Chaw’Gah, Kay’Vok, Qol Targh

The House of Maghgath controls a large area of the Klingon Empire’s border with the Gorn Hegemony. Known as a fiercely honourable house, the Maghgath suffer no challenge to their authority and are known for wiping out a number of minor houses that have attempted to claim or overthrow parts of their territory.

During the 24th century, the Maghgath were influential in maintaining the status quo between the Klingon Empire and the Gorn Empire. Viewing the Gorn as a primitive but worthy adversary, they largely managed to maintain the integrity of the border while other houses were eager to push for expansion into Gorn territory.

The Maghgath are facing a succession crisis with the aging Moqugh having no legitimate heirs. Thus far they have managed to thwart any usurpers, but the lack of a strong leader to follow Moqugh may weaken their influence and in turn increase tensions between the Hegemony and the Empire.

In Play

  • The Maghgath are fiercely loyal to their house and the Empire. While they hold tradition in high regard, they do not favour a return to the Old Ways in the same way the Mo’Kai do.
  • Maghgath forces can be found patrolling the Klingon-Gorn border and throughout the Meridor Nebula.